What do we need to be happy? 7 surprising examples

Today I propose to you a very simple exercise, so simple that it is even difficult: look around you and think about all the things you have but don't need. Make a list, and when you think you're done, go back and go through it and delete some more things.

Have you finished? Go back to analyzing the list. Are you sure that the things left over are really essential in your life? The truth is that over the years we have been buying many things, all items that we thought we needed and that we have probably only used a few times or that we have not even removed from their original packaging.

The difference between wanting and needing is very subtle but abysmal at the same time. In reality, most of the things that surround us are not aimed at satisfying our basic needs, but go to satisfy desires that have a very superficial value. We can live with less, much less. And what's even more important, we can be much happier with far fewer items we own.

A Chinese photographer named Huang Qingjun took a series of photos that many may find depressing, but in reality they are inspiring and invite us to reflect, especially in an overly consumerist society like ours.

These Chinese families move around the country with their belongings. And the photos show everything they have… which is all they need to live. All the items they have could in some cases fit perfectly into one of our cars.

Knowing the difference between wanting and needing will help us live with much less stress. Always keep in mind that the key to happiness is not to have everything you want but to love everything you have.

Huang Qingiun

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