What does your house say about you?

Look around. In your home, everything has a meaning, its own story, they are all objects that you have chosen. Whether it's a photo, a lamp or a sofa, all these little details reveal who lives in this house. Each home holds a long history of feelings, behaviors and decisions. Therefore, it space in which we live reveals our personality and it is a faithful reflection of our life.

Three secrets that every home holds

1. Strengthen our identity We use our home to make intentional and deliberate statements about ourselves. The whole house is a "declaration of identity" as we decorate it to reflect our attitudes, goals, values, social roles and priorities in life. In fact, the books we have say a lot about who we are, as well as the photos we have decided to display or even the size of the mirrors, which speak to our level of vanity. The details we put in the most visible areas of the house are a very clear message for the people who visit us, they tell them: “I am like this, this is what matters to me”. 2. Influence our thoughts and feelings The design, the arrangement of the objects, the colors and the lighting in the different areas of the house aim to arouse certain thoughts and emotions. For example, we want the living room to convey the feeling of warmth and welcome, while in the bedroom we want to create a more intimate and relaxing space. Precisely because our priorities and family dynamics are changing, we also want our spaces to be different from each other. In addition, we make sure to include details that arouse certain feelings and emotions, such as photos of that memorable trip, a picture of our pet or a special gift. All the things we have chosen, in a certain sense, arouse emotions that are pleasant to us and, therefore, speak of our history and say who we are. For example, a very bright space reveals a very active person, while spaces with soft lighting, curtains and shutters, indicate a person who prefers tranquility and serenity. 3. Track our behavior We are not always aware of the reasons why we have chosen a sofa or a table. In most cases we don't just rely on color and pattern, sometimes there is something deeper that comes directly from the unconscious. In fact, in all houses you can find evidence of the habitual behavior of the people who live there, the traces that reveal who we are and which are called: "residual behavior". It can be the way we organize books, a postcard we left on a table, a card for a play or even the pattern by which we arrange toilet paper rolls in the bathroom cabinet. Indeed, a clean and tidy bathroom reveals a person who loves order and who works hard. All the little details reveal what we have been doing in the last few days and what our habits are. A house that reflects you or that completes you? When we decorate the house we tend to let ourselves be influenced by our tastes, in such a way that our house ends up being a reflection of our personality. However, the home should not only mirror us but also complement us. It is not enough to identify with the space you have created, you should also feel comfortable in it. Therefore, I advise you that when choosing colors, furniture and decorations, do not let yourself be guided only by what you like, but always keep in mind also what you really need. For example, an efficient and tidy person will opt for a minimalist style in which cold colors prevail, while a person with a lively and cheerful attitude will go out of his way to fill any space and paint the walls in bright colors. The secret is to find a balance, so that your home will not only mirror you, but also complete you, bringing you that emotional balance you need. In this way, if you are an impulsive person, anxious and find it difficult to control your emotions, you should choose colors such as blue and green, which convey peace and serenity. Likewise, if you have problems concentrating, you shouldn't overload the spaces too much and if you are introverted, you should choose colors like orange, red and yellow that will give you an extra dose of energy. It is about telling your story through your home, but at the same time, making sure that this story doesn't stop you from moving forward. For example, I really like a living room that envelops you with its warm colors after a hard day's work, with indirect lights that help create a pleasant feeling of intimacy and relaxation, like the living room in the photo below.

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