Venere rice: properties, nutritional values, calories

Venere rice: properties, nutritional values, calories

Venere rice, wholemeal and with a black ebony grain, è una varietà di riso che nasce dall’incrocio tra un riso nero asiatico e un riso del paese.

It belongs to the specie Oryza sativa, is characterized by an aromatic taste and has numerous nutritional properties. Let's find out better.


Properties and benefits of Venere rice

Already in ancient China, black rice was considered unique for nutrients and properties, so much so that it is forbidden to everyone, except royals. Why was it considered so valuable? Here are some of its properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant: compared to other varieties of rice, Venere rice is the richest in antioxidants, molecules capable of counteracting the activity of free radicals, preventing oxidative damage and, therefore, chronic diseases associated with cellular aging, such as diabetes 2, cardiovascular disease or cancer.
  • Counteracts iron deficiency: Venere rice contains a fair amount of non-heme iron. To promote its absorption, it is useful to accompany the meal with a glass of water and lemon, or consume a fruit rich in vitamin C, such as a kiwi or an orange.
  • Contrasts hypercholesterolemia and hyperglycemia: thanks to the contribution of fibers, it is able to slow down the intestinal absorption of fats and sugars, favoring a right level of cholesterol and glycaemia.
  • Promotes satiety: thanks to the moderate amount of protein and fiber, compared to other cereals, it promotes a greater sense of satiety, reducing hunger. To maintain satiety for longer and to balance the meal, it is useful to accompany it to a protein source (e.g. legumes or fish), a source of fat (e.g. EVO oil or avocado) and fresh vegetables.


Calories and nutritional values ​​of black rice

100 g of Venere rice provide:

  • 356 kcal
  • 8,9 g protein
  • 3,3 g fat
  • Saturated fat 0 g
  • G carbohydrates 75,5
  • Sugars 0 g
  • Fiber 2,2 g

Furthermore, Venere rice is rich in minerals, such as iron and antioxidants, especially anthocyanins.


Venere rice, ally of

Gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, skin.


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A recipe up your sleeve

How to best cook black rice? Compared to other varieties of rice, Venere rice requires a longer cooking time: about 40 minutes, which becomes 20 if you use a pressure cooker.

It lends itself very well to simple, fresh and tasty dishes and cold recipes
A tasty recipe is the black rice with shrimps and vegetables Seasonal:

  1. Cook for about 40 minutes about 80 g of rice Venus per person, in boiling salted water.
  2. Meanwhile, cook in a pan with half a glass of water vegetables of your choice. An excellent combination is with peppers, courgettes and carrots.
  3. Once cooked, add approx 100 g of shelled shrimp per person and sauté with the vegetables for a few minutes.
  4. As soon as the rice is cooked, it will need to be drained and added to the dressing. Stir over high heat adding a little cooking water and flavoring with salt, pepper, curry and extra virgin olive oil.

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