Vegetable caviar

There is asustainable and cruelty-free alternative to caviar obtained from sturgeon, lump and salmon roe, aimed in particular at those who have decided to follow a diet without products of animal origin, as well as all those who do not like the common caviar. This is the vegetable caviar.

There are currently two types of it on the market. While the first is based on seaweed, the second is derived from a fruit still little known in your country.

Vegetable caviar with seaweed

Il vegetable caviar based on algae is mainly produced starting fromkelp seaweed, characteristic of the Atlantic Ocean and the Scandinavian coasts. It is a dark-colored and brackish-smelling algae. It has remineralizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended as an adjuvant to combat cellulite and as an iodine supplement. The kelp seaweed contains phytosterols, polyphenols and vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E.

Vegetable caviar prepared from algae only comes close in flavor with real caviar. It does not contain any ingredients of animal origin and can be considered as a alimento cruelty-free. Its texture makes it easily spread on classic canapés, but the combinations of vegetable caviar with other foods can be the most diverse. There are even those who find it pleasant to combine with fruit.

Where can you buy seaweed based vegetable caviar? At the moment it seems that in your country seaweed-based caviar is only available at IKEA's Swedish food shop and through their website. At this web address it is possible to view the product sheet in question, which takes the name of Tangkorn and which is described as atotally vegetarian alternative to caviar based on fish roe. Seaweed-based caviar is also present in some foreign online stores. For example, you might find products named like Vegan Caviar o Cables-Art.

Vegetable caviar

If you can't find one packaged version of seaweed-based caviar, you could try your hand at his home preparation, which involves the use of ingredients such as kelp seaweed, black olives and capers, to be blended until obtaining a spreadable sauce with a color similar to that of black caviar. At this address it is possible to view the recipe in your country's language for the home preparation of "Seaweed caviar".

Vegetable caviar Citrus Caviar

Vegetable caviar

There is a second type of vegetable caviar, not derived from algae, but from a fruit of Australian origin, whose internal components they are reminiscent of real caviar in shape and consistency is exactly. It is called "Citrus Caviar”, “Finger Caviar", Or, in your country,"Citrus caviar".

Vegetable caviar

The reference is a surprising fruit inside which there are some juicy balls which, once the fruit is opened, gush outwards looking very similar to sturgeon eggs. The spheres proper to this fruit can present different colors, which go from white, to yellow, to pink and red, to green.

Vegetable caviar

The citrus caviar has a sour taste, similar to that of citrus fruits such as lemon or grapefruit. Its peel is used as a spice, after being dried, while its fragrant leaves are useful for your city to make drinks.

Vegetable caviar

Il citrus caviar is imported into your country from California or Australia. It is the fruits that are imported and from the opening of the same a sort of vegetable caviar different from the seaweed caviar can be obtained, especially as regards the flavor, as well as for the color. It is used, especially in Australia, for the decoration of numerous dishes, is preferably used for preparation of jams, For the canapé garnish and for making cocktails.

As for the possibility of finding on the market the fruit from which to obtain vegetable caviar, usually labeled as Citrus Caviar, you might find it useful to know that it is distributed by the Dutch company Nature's Pride and that the fruit from California is usually available at starting from December.

Would you like to taste some vegetable caviar? Which of the two types would you choose?

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