Vegan arancina, breaded and fried without eggs

    Vegan arancina, breaded and fried without eggs

    One of the tastiest specialties of Sicilian cuisine are the rice ball. It is a fried product with egg and breadcrumbs in the shape of a ball or a cone, containing rice generally stuffed with meat sauce, mozzarella and peas (or cooked ham and cheese).

    The name derives from the original shape and the golden color, reminiscent of an orange. It is, therefore, a dish from which vegetarians and vegans keep well away. But why deprive yourself of it? Here is the recipe for veg variant of this triumph of fried food (yes, they can also be made without eggs, read to believe!).

    Ingredients (for about 20 arancini)

    500 gr of organic superfine rice

    80 gr of organic peas

    4-5 sauce tomatoes

    100 g of farina bio

    1 saffron

    Water to taste

    Salt to taste

    Pepper as needed

    Cumino q.b

    Onion to taste


    RICE - Boil the rice in a little salted water, making sure that when cooked it is all absorbed. Add the saffron after dissolving it in a little water. Let it cool well, well.

    PEAS AND TOMATOES - Fry the finely chopped onion in hot oil, add the chopped tomatoes and brown over high heat. Add the peas and dilute with a little water. Season with salt and pepper, add the cumin and cook for 10-15 minutes over medium heat.

    ASSEMBLY- Take a bowl with salted water, to keep available to wet your hands while assembling the arancini. With wet hands, take cold rice, form a thin layer crushing it on the palm of your hand and add a spoonful of tomatoes and peas in a hollow that you will obtain by pushing the rice. Close with another thin layer of rice and shape according to the chosen shape, ball or cone.

    BATTER - Prepare a fairly thick batter with water, salt and flour (this is the trick I give you!). Dip the arancini in the batter and let them rest for a while in the fridge. Pass them in the breadcrumbs and, finally, fry them in abundant boiling oil, taking care to brown them well.

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