Beyond Milk arrives: the 'non-meat' meat giant launches the 100% vegetable milk line

    Beyond Milk arrives: the 'non-meat' meat giant launches the 100% vegetable milk line

    To meet the growing demand for plant-based products, the 'non-meat' meat giant has filed the Beyond Milk patent and announces the production of 100% vegetable milk and smoothies

    More and more people are choosing to switch to a plant-based diet, or at least to reduce the consumption of animal products in their daily lives.

    The reasons are the most diverse: on the one hand there is certainly the awareness that too much meat is bad for our health as much as for animals, who lead a life of suffering before ending up in slaughterhouses. But above all, many worry about the environment and the climate crisis that is affecting us - and the transition to a vegan diet seems to be a strategy that we can all adopt to do something concrete to try to save the planet.

    To meet this growing market demand, the US brand of vegan 'meat' production Beyond Meat announces the production of 100% plant-based milk through the new Beyond Milk brand filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on August 12th.

    Beyond Meat products are based on the production of alternative foods to meat, such as 'vegetable chicken' croquettes or 'fake meat' burgers. The company's goal is to find a better way to feed the future that does not harm the environment and the climate and that does not harm animals: the products are designed to help people eat healthier, counteract change climate, preserving natural resources, helping animals to live a better life.

    Now the new patent will concern the production of milk-based drinks, smoothies, tea and coffee. It is not the first patent dedicated to the world of 'non-milk' milk: the NotMilk company has also specialized in the production of oat milk which - the producers assure - is practically indistinguishable from cow's milk; Elmhurst, on the other hand, offers different types of 'milk' based on dried fruit (such as almonds, hazelnuts, cashews) and cereals (soy and oats). In short, the company is part of a market that is already quite crowded and hopes that the association with the meat brand (the use of the term Beyond evokes this connection).

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