Vanadium: properties, benefits, curiosities

Il vanadium is an indispensable chemical element for bone growth, teeth and cartilages. Useful in case of diabetes e trough, is present in vegetable oils, including olive oil. Let's find out better.

> What is vanadium

> Properties and benefits

>  Daily requirement of vanadium

> Effect on the psyche and spirit

> Vanadium deficiency and excess

> How to use

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Vanadium: properties, benefits, curiosities


What is vanadium

Il vanadium is the chemical element with atomic number 23. Its symbol is V. It is a rare element found in the form of a compound in certain minerals. Less known than the other minerals, but vanadium is present in most tissues of the human body.

In fact, together with other elements such as zinc, which have similar properties, it is essential for the body and its most surprising aspect seems to be, according to the scientific literature, its ability to reverse some forms of diabetes.


Properties and benefits

As seen and demonstrated by the experimentation, the administration of vanadium compounds seems to be possible relieve the symptoms of diabetes mellitus, it also inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol, so it is very useful in case of heart disease.

It is also an important mineral for growth, particularly for growth of bones, teeth and cartilage, as well as necessary for cellular metabolism, specifically iron, and the development of red blood cells.


Daily requirement of vanadium

The daily requirement of vanadium it was calculated from 100 to 300 micrograms per day for adults. The average daily intake with food is about 4 mg. Higher doses can be toxic. The simultaneous intake of chromium and vanadium can have negative effects.


Effect on the psyche and the spirit

Excess vanadium has been associated with bipolar disorder; the assumption of Vitamin C counteracts the negative action of the mineral and helps reduce them.


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Vanadium: properties, benefits, curiosities


Vanadium deficiency and excess

The shortage of vanadium can generate dysfunctions in the body and can be linked to kidney disease.

The excess of vanadium causes intoxications that can trigger manic-depressive syndromes.

Powdered vanadium is flammable and all of its compounds are considered highly toxic, causing respiratory cancer when inhaled. The most dangerous is vanadium pentoxide.


How to use

I am rich in vanadium vegetable fats and oils, including olive oil.

There are also other foods that contain good amounts of this mineral such as fish and seafood, shellfish, whole grains, wheat, parsley, dill, radishes, liver and black pepper

Vanadium is rapidly assimilated by the body, the main reserve is found in bones and liver, and most of it comes eliminated in the urine.

Tobacco decreases the absorption of the mineral.


Curiosities and historical notes

Vanadium was first discovered by Andrés Manuel del Río, a Spanish mineralogist, in Mexico City in 1801, who called it "brown lead". The name "vanadium" derives from the name of the goddess Vanadis, goddess of beauty in Norse mythology, just as the mineral itself is beautiful and varied in colors.

Today it is mainly used in metallurgy, for the production of alloys.


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