Valentina Vignali: this is how I lost 18 kilos

    Valentina Vignali: this is how I lost 18 kilos

    A sporting soul that accompanies her from an early age and led her to become a player of basket. But also a model, well-known face of TV, as well as an influencer with her 2,3 million followers on Instagram, where she sports a more than enviable body. Nevertheless, Valentina Vignali had some weight problems. After the Big Brother edition of 2021, he gained several kilos. The champion disposed of them in a year, thanks to the help of the doctor Marco Ciambotta, nutritional biologist and researcher in biology at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. Here he tells us how he lost 18 kilos. You can also find a comment from the expert, who followed it step by step.

    The testimony of Valentina Vignali: too much boredom, zero sport
    In 2021 with Big Brother I gained 18 kilos. In fact, in the famous "house" it was impossible to practice sports and in the end you kill boredom by nibbling. Leaving, I turned to doctor Marco Ciambotta, friend of my fiance. I wanted to be within my 66-67 kilos, for a height of 1,83m.

    Il food plan of doctor Ciambotta won me over immediately, because it is flexible and allows you to choose what to eat. There are the yellow foods (carbohydrates), greens (vegetables), red (meat) e blu (fish) with which to compose the menu. Among the former, for example, I could choose between pasta, rice, farro, barley, oats and other grains. It was also "tempting" as toppings: I could use up to 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per meal, but usually one is enough for me, which I always wear uncooked cooking foods in their fats.

    Out of Big Brother, along with the diet I resumed training with a personal trainer: in the morning I burned 500 calories with cardiofitness, afternoon I did "cardio"And weights. Thus, in the first three months of a low-calorie diet I had already lost 10 kilos. In the phases of metabolic increase, however, I was stable or even gained 1,5 kilos. But it doesn't matter, because then we start again with the low-calorie phase.

    In one year I lost those 18 kilos given away by the broadcast. And now that I have regained my ideal weight, I always follow the rules and strategies of the meal plan. I also practice the intermittent fasting, 16 or 24 hours a week. If I'm peckish, I'll grab a yogurt or nibble carrots e strawberries, which I love. Tiny snacks that do not compromise the great results obtained with fasting.

    Another thing I appreciate is the free meal, where I eat what I want. Sometimes I also do the free day (lunch and dinner at will) and I notice that my body, which has "worked" well all week, it is not affected by the breaking of the rules. Of course, I don't have an aperitif every night. But if I have a birthday dinner and I've already had my free meal, I won't give it up.

    Dr. Ciambotta's comment

    "Following my philosophy of"diet equals lifestyle", I gave Valentina a food structure that is easy to follow, flexible and adaptable to your needs, which would allow you to lose the pounds acquired during your participation in Big Brother in a gradual but constant way ", says Dr. Marco Ciambotta.

    "It was divided into two phases, alternating three times between them: the phase hypocaloric (slimming), followed by a phase of metabolic increase (stabilizer), followed by another low-calorie phase and then, again, metabolic increase and so on. While the Classic Nutritional Plan, which I give to my patients, does not include weights but free portions, in Valentina's case the low-calorie phase involved weighing the carbohydratesi, which were about 70 g at meal. Instead, vegetables, meat and fish are free ».

    The metabolic increase phase, on the other hand, has two goals: the first is give a boost to metabolism that, if you are always on a diet, you get lazy and slow down. The second is that of stabilize the results achieved by slightly loosening the mental hold of "I'm on a diet", not to get too stressed out with sacrifices and renunciations.

    «In the phase of stimulation of the metabolism Valentina he could eat as much as 150 grams of carbohydrates per meal, which are not many if you consider that he trains in the gym at least three hours a day. By following a few simple rules, she returned to her ideal weight within a year», Concludes the expert. 

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