To be happy, one must learn to ignore

To be happy, one must learn to ignoreIn some cases, move away from conflicting people it is necessary to restore mental balance. It is true that there are no completely "bad" or "good" people. Thinking like this would be an understatement. But there are people whose way of being and behaving does not integrate with ours and maintaining a close relationship with them can only hurt us because their attitude makes us lose our balance, blocks us, or prevents us from fully realizing ourselves. There are relationships that, even if they bring some positive things, when we examine them carefully, they end up doing more harm than good. I am toxic relationships that pollute our life and end up infecting us with negative emotions.Unfortunately, in most cases these people are not willing to change, so we have only one opportunity: to ignore them, or rather, to learn to ignore some of their attitudes. Because there is no point in sacrificing our emotional well-being just to save a relationship that causes us harm.

What should we learn to ignore?

1. The destructive criticisms. Criticisms are always positive and only when they have a constructive purpose and help us correct a mistake or grow. But there are people who criticize just for the sake of criticizing and harming others. If we want to protect our self-esteem we must learn to ignore these criticisms. Once you have identified such a person, who only raises destructive criticisms, stop worrying about what he thinks about you. After all, his views will not allow you to grow.
2. Useless comparisons. We all have an innate tendency to make comparisons. In fact, it is one of the basic functions of thinking that we use to draw conclusions. But some people use comparisons to manipulate us emotionally. These people are never satisfied and always compare our decisions, behaviors or attitudes with others to make us feel bad. Of course, if you know someone who always despises your successes, you should learn not to listen to their opinions.
3. Unfounded concerns. We all have concerns, but some are true professionals when it comes to looking for reasons for concern. These are people who always have a problem for every solution, who focus on the negative aspects and continually imagine disaster or misfortune. Obviously, we don't need someone like that in our life. This does not mean that we should adopt naive optimism, but surrounding ourselves with people who only see the negative side of things discourages and depresses us. Therefore, it is best to learn to ignore such attitudes.
4. Unnecessary insecurities. Some people act like they are experts in everything. They always have something to say and always try to downplay our opinion, making us feel insignificant. These people generate a deep insecurity, which ends up undermining our confidence, plunging us into a condition of emotional block that prevents us from realizing our dreams. Therefore, try to ignore this type of comments and attitudes, especially when they do not have a deep understanding of the situation and do not serve to help you build the project you have proposed.
5. Wrong faults. There are people who see the speck in their neighbor's eye, but not the beam in theirs. These people often resort to guilt to manipulate us, making us feel really bad about ourselves, to the point that we can turn into their slaves. These are people who complain all the time and are never satisfied. Obviously, it is essential to learn to ignore these attempts to make us feel guilty, so as not to fall into their net.When you learn to ignore all these attitudes, you realize that you can listen to your inner dialogue with greater attention, that you will be able to connect with yours. "I" deeper, to find out what you really want. At the same time, you fill yourself with an energy that you did not know, because the attitudes of these people absorbed a large part of your psychological resources, resources that you can now dedicate to yourself to grow as a person and pursue your dreams. The road is not easy, but the results are worth it.
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