Why does willpower sometimes fail us?

Why does willpower sometimes fail us?

Have you ever had no desire to start a new project? Have you ever been involved in a personal or work project and, halfway through the journey, were you no longer willing to continue? It has happened to everyone at least once, to find ourselves in those moments when the willpower it fades and abandons us.

Usually when we are motivated and eager to do something we do not realize the enormous source of energy that emanates from within, what we call willpower. But when we lose momentum and morale falls to the ground, we quickly realize that something is wrong.

At the moment we feel that we are missing something, just what we need to move forward, to continue to fight and overcome our limits. Albert Einstein could not have been more precise when he said: "There is a more powerful driving force than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will."

The 3 most common reasons why willpower is lost

1. We have chosen unrealistic goals. Many times we feel overwhelmed because we have set ourselves an unattainable goal. Once we have begun to work on the project, we immediately realize that it exceeds our possibilities so that panic and fear of failure assail us. In those moments the willpower abandons us, it is as if it offered us an easy escape route to save our dignity. Taking into consideration goals much bigger than us is counterproductive and hurts us.

So, if you want to educate your willpower you must first set realistic goals, take one step at a time and when we have reached the goal move on to the next. Thus we will feel more satisfied and less exhausted.

2. We don't know our limits. It may seem incredible, but the truth is that we often get carried away by enthusiasm and we are unable to determine exactly what our limits are, especially on a physical and psychological level.

We are better at determining economic limits and resources rather than the level of personal commitment that a particular project requires. So we behave like superheroes and, of course, when the forces run out, the will abandons us. We must keep in mind that a very intense pace of work can only be maintained for a few days or weeks, but not for months, if you do not want to put your mental or physical health at risk.

3. We focus too much on the future. By observing all the way that remains to be done, we lose motivation, we feel confused because we don't know how to continue. We always tend to look to the future while forgetting the past and this can make us waver. On the contrary, from time to time, we should look back to congratulate ourselves on the results achieved. We should allow ourselves some time to regain our strength and enjoy what we have achieved so far. We always remember that willpower is not an inexhaustible source, sometimes you need to take a break.

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