There is no "lack of time", only a lack of interest

There is no

“I'm sorry, I didn't have time” is an excuse that we have probably heard on more than one occasion and that we have probably also used. But that's just an excuse, because the truth is that there is no lack of time, only a lack of interest.

When something doesn't interest us, when it simply doesn't catch our attention or we don't like it, we find it much easier to hide behind daily obligations and activities. But when we are passionate about something and we really care, we make sure that it fits perfectly into our agenda, as if it were a huge puzzle, and we find the necessary time to dedicate to it.

When we lie to ourselves ...

The day has 24 hours, we cannot lengthen it, but we are able to rearrange our agenda in order to have time to carry out the important activities. If we don't, it's because something in our unconscious is pushing us in another direction.

For example, when we constantly postpone a decision and say we don't have time to get better informed, it's usually because our deepest "I" is afraid to take the plunge, perhaps because we feel we're not ready yet. It may also be because we don't really care, we are so comfortable in our comfort zone that we don't want to change and therefore, we lie to ourselves that we don't have time.

But lying to ourselves is a dangerous game, because we can end up making decisions that we will regret, simply because we got carried away by circumstances or because we were forced to decide at the last minute. So, next time you think you are running out of time, think for a moment about what this sentence may be hiding.

Consider that in order to hide, repress or mask certain ideas and feelings from our conscious "I", we need to make a great mental effort which over time becomes very tiring. Lying to yourself is exhausting.

Being honest with yourself will save you from this problem. If instead of saying you don't have time, that you will do it tomorrow or perhaps next month, simply accept that this is something you don't care about or aren't ready for, close a chapter and move on, with less stress and worry. You will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

Engage in what makes you truly happy

In life, your most precious asset is time. You can share it with those you love and make you happy or invest them in those things that make you vibrate and truly passionate.

This means that you don't have to meet all social expectations, you should only compromise yourself with those values ​​that you consider important, with which you truly identify.

Remember that constantly living in the fast lane, moving from compromise to compromise, project to project and relationship to relationship, will keep you from connecting with your essence and you will end up losing yourself slowly.

Sometimes you just have to give yourself time to think, determine what you really want and, most importantly, decide what to invest the minutes and hours you have available. Because they are limited.

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