The initiative to bring water to everyone

Cantine Brusa


"Bringing drinking water and sanitation to a billion people": this is the ambitious goal of Gary White, CEO of “”, a non-profit organization co-founded in 2009 with Matt Demon.

Gary is a civil and environmental engineer from Kansas City, Missouri and together with the famous Hollywood actor, Matt Damon, he created a "anti-welfare" project, which serves to put the country in a position to provide for your own needs.

In the '80s and' 90s - explained Gary to the US press - water projects tended to fail miserably: non-profit organizations chose a poor community, dug a well, organized a beautiful ceremony and took some souvenir photos, but everything ended there.

Gary's approach to the problem ofaccess to water is completely different: in 2003 he created "Water Credit”, A program that supports micro-credit institutions in Asia and Africa in providing microloans for water and sanitation services and ensures that local communities are fully involved in the construction and maintenance of any infrastructure.

To date, 300.000 people have benefited from a micro-loan, and 97% of them have been repaid.

There is a famous saying that says: “If a man is hungry, don't give him fish, teach him to fish”. Gary taught just that.

A key aspect of this project is that too members of the community you work on are considered partners and everyone must take responsibility for the construction and future maintenance of infrastructure, sanitation education and payment of water tariffs. 

The community, in fact, faces at least 10% of the total construction costs - In money or providing materials for construction or labor -. According to Gary, in effect, "the fact that communities invest money directly in a water project greatly increases the likelihood that it will last over time".

Cantine Brusa, un’azienda el paesena di Toscanella di Dozza, in Emilia Romagna che porta il made in el paese nel mondo e che è formata da 35 dipendenti che credono nel proprio lavoro, nella qualità, nello sviluppo e quindi nella dignità delle persone, sostiene, come tante altre aziende nel mondo, questa importante iniziativa non solo economicamente ma anche contribuendo alla sua diffusione. Perché? Semplicemente perché la aiuta a ridonare un senso al lavoro ed il lavoro rappresenta l’essenza della dignità delle persone.

Of course, problems like these are very complex and to find concrete and definitive solutions good intentions or simple donations are not enough but all together we can definitely make a difference. For this reason, we invite everyone, institutions, companies, individuals and associations to support by collaborating with the project, as it proposes a new solution based on new financing models with greater transparency for lasting changeor. The project means "drinking water and dignity for all" and we want to be part of it! 

According to the United Nations, they are still there 1 billion people in the world who do not have access to water and the road ahead is still very long and uphill. But, when they ask Gary, he replies without hesitation: "Yes, I'm sure we'll make it."

A small donation is enough to give hope to old and new generations!


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