Antioxidant supplements: which ones to choose?

The common feature of the so-called antioxidant supplements is the "scavenger"That they carry out, or of free radical scavengers.

Let's see how they perform this function.

Characteristics of antioxidant supplements: polyphenols

The substances that act by slowing down aging and the activity of free radicals are in particular i polyphenols, a vast family of molecules which, based on their structure, perform different functions in plants:

  • defend against the onset of parasites,
  • improve the wooden structure of the stems,
  • they color fruits and flowers to attract pollinating insects and to protect the plant from solar radiation.

The same protective and adaptive functions are also performed on humans. This is why polyphenols are excellent antioxidants, which defend all cellular structures from the harmful action of free radicals.

Furthermore, the intake of polyphenols activates aadaptogenic action called "hormesis": a progressive adaptation of the cells to resist the attack of harmful factors.

Polyphenols activate particular proteins, the sirtutine, which have the function of regulating cellular energy metabolism and stimulating the production of mitochondria, sources of energy and cellular youth.

How can we integrate polyphenols? Let's see some antioxidant supplements.


Antioxidant supplements: açai, the fruit of life

The fruits of Açai resemble large grapes and are berries of tall Brazilian palm trees. The Indians know their properties and make great use of them, so much so that they define them fruits of life.

They are extremely rich in polyphenols and through'scavenger action, they counteract oxidative stress, which causes aging of the organism and the onset of degenerative disorders affecting the most important systems such as the cardio-circulatory and neurological systems.

Acai it also allows you to keep the values ​​of norepinephrine, which influences the lipolysis processes: this in other words means that açai can also be taken in view of a diet suitable for weight control.


Açai berries: the superfruit of the Amazon


Antioxidant supplements: maqui, Patagonian blueberry

The maqui is a small evergreen tree that grows in some areas of Patagonia, produces purple / blue berries similar to our elderberry and is used by indigenous peoples for its medicinal properties.

Like Açai, maqui is rich in polyphenols and has an effective scavenger action, blocks the oxidative degradation, and stimulates cell regeneration. We can find it in dry extract for convenient intake.

Antioxidant supplements: pomegranate

The pomegranate fruit contains important active ingredients and among these the high proportion of polyphenols; in particular theellagic acid configures it among the antioxidants of excellence.

In fact, ellagic acid decreases the concentration of free radicals and protects cell membranes from oxidation processes.

The pomegranate is therefore indicated for slow down premature aging, For prevent chronic degenerative diseases, For support the immune system and as an adjuvant in the treatments of purification of liver, in which the production of free radicals develops.

Vegetable Omega 3 supplements

When we talk about Omega 3 we are talking about essential fatty acids which the body is unable to produce from other lipids and which must therefore be introduced with a correct diet.

There are two essential fatty acids:alpha-linoleic acid from which the Omega 3 and thelinoleic acid from which Omega 6 originate.

However, these two acids can enter in competition because they use the same enzymes for the production of fatty acids and therefore generate imbalances in Omega 6 and Omega 3 shares.

Even the diet of recent times has seen a greater introduction of vegetable oils and a reduced intake of fish, such as salmon, cod, mackerel, sardines, with a consequent greater integration of Omega 6 and a poor introduction of Omega 3.

It would be good if they were well balanced, as both are necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.

For this purpose you can take Omega 3 supplements available in herbal medicine or pharmacy, based on linseed oil, algae oil and vitamin E.

They perform important functions such as:

  • reduce triglyceride levels,
  • increase the levels of HDL cholesterol, the so-called good one; 
  • promote the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • support the immune system;
  • maintain intellectual efficiency.


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