The metaphor of the two trees: How to be successful and live happily

Once upon a time there was a ten-year-old boy, very intelligent for his age. One day, the little boy goes to visit his grandfather, he went to his house with a clear idea in mind: he wanted to be successful in life and was willing to do whatever it takes to get it. His grandfather had been a successful person, so if he knew a secret he would certainly have told him. So, without hesitation she asked him: - When I grow up I want to be very successful, just like you. Can you give me some advice to achieve this? The grandfather said nothing, grabbed the child by the hand and led him to the nursery where he had bought the plants for his garden. Then he asked him to choose two trees. Once they got home, they transplanted the trees. One they put it in the garden while the other in a vase in the house. - Which of the two trees will grow better? - The grandfather later asked the boy. The boy was silent for a couple of minutes thinking and said: - The tree in the pot, because it is inside the house, protected and safe. The one in the garden will have to face rain, sun and wind, and will have a harder time growing up and maybe even die. Grandpa shrugged and said nothing more. Years passed while the caring grandfather tended both trees. One day, the boy, now a young man, remembered the question he had asked his grandfather years ago. - You never answered my question. How can I do to be successful? The old man took his grandson to see both trees then asked him: - Which of the two has grown the most? The young man looked puzzled, it made no sense. - How is it possible? The tree in the pot, safe in the house, should have grown more, but instead! Grandpa smiled, then said: - The safest option allows you to survive, but not to be successful and live fully. Instead, dangers always turn into challenges that stimulate growth. Only by having the courage to take risks will you discover your true potential.

Five essential conditions to be successful and live fully

The two trees metaphor is a very simple story, but it contains one life lesson. In fact, we often think like that child and aspire to an easy life where everything goes smoothly, there are no obstacles and no suffering. We do not realize that it is in extreme situations, in the midst of adversity, when we give the best of ourselves and grow qualitatively on a psychological level. What practical lessons can we draw from this metaphor?1. Aim high. If you can't build your dreams, someone will pay you to build theirs. Anyone who has made great progress in life has succeeded because they have had the courage to dream, to defy conventions and even to ignore the fate that could be linked to social condition or health problems. Remember that for those who do not know where to go, no wind is favorable.
2. Leave the comfort zone. In the comfort zone we feel safe, but that's not where we can make our dreams come true. Leaving the comfort zone means having the courage to think differently, accept uncertainty and take a certain amount of risk. It is not about jumping into the void without a parachute, but it is essential to be willing to explore new territory, because you don't get different results by always doing the same things in the same way.
3. See obstacles as challenges. We all encounter stones along the way, some people pick them up and load them into their backpack, until the weight is unbearable, and there are those who move them off the path so they can continue the journey with the lightest luggage. Problems can be obstacles that create frustration and make you lose motivation or, conversely, they can become stimuli that help you grow. The direction depends on your attitude.
4. Seize the opportunities. Every situation always contains positive aspects, but often our vision is so blurred that we cannot see them. However, successful people are the ones who have managed to seize opportunities and take advantage of them. It is not about being in the right place at the right time, as many think. In reality, success is not a question of luck, but of understanding, of knowing how to see beyond the circumstances and project yourself towards the future.
5. Trust in your own strength. Any way to live a fuller life depends on self-confidence. Self-confidence is the fuel that fuels real motivation, it is what allows us to stay focused and not lose hope even in the most difficult moments. Sure, it's not a magic bullet, but one thing is for sure, a lack of confidence in your abilities will lead you straight into a dead end.
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