The best intention can induce the worst mistake

The best intention can induce the worst mistakeOnce upon a time there was a beautiful garden with apple, orange, pear trees and beautiful rose gardens. The trees were happy and satisfied. Everyone was cheerful, except for one tree that was deeply sad. That tree didn't know who it was. What he lacked was concentration, the apple tree told him: - If you try hard you will see what tasty apples you can produce. It is very easy. - Don't listen to him ... - said the rose - It's easier to make roses - Don't you see how beautiful they are? And the tree, desperate, tried everything that was suggested to him. However, as he couldn't be like the others he felt more and more frustrated. One day an owl came into the garden, the wisest of birds, and seeing the desperation of the tree, he said to him: - Do not worry, the problem is not so serious, it is the same for most living beings on earth. . I will give you the solution: don't dedicate your life trying to be like others want you to be! Be yourself, know yourself and listen to your inner voice. That said, the owl left. - My inner voice? Be myself? Know me? Those words didn't make much sense to the tree, until he suddenly understood what the owl meant. He closed his eyes and ears and opened his heart so he could hear his inner voice saying: You will never be able to produce apples because you are not an apple tree, and you will not blossom every spring because you are not a rose. You are an oak! And your destiny is to grow large and majestic. Providing shelter for birds, shade for travelers and beauty of the landscape. You have a mission: make it happen! Thus the tree felt strong and confident. He quickly filled his space and was admired and respected by all.

When others push in the wrong direction

If for a moment we look at ourselves with the eyes of physics we could say that many forces exert their influence on us that push us in different directions. And the interesting thing is that the most powerful forces are represented by the people we love: parents, children, family and friends.Most of these people are not aware of their influence or even believe that what they do goes into the right direction, they are convinced that they are doing us a favor and also add: "When you have more experience, you will understand." However, the truth is that being subjected to all these forces is tired, and when everyone around us has something to say about our choices and behaviors, we risk getting lost. A person who is not confident enough soon succumbs to the pressure and will likely end up behaving as others expect him to, thus losing initiative and even motivation.When we want to please and satisfy everyone, we risk neglecting the most important person in the world. world: ourselves. So, taking small steps, making small decisions, one day we could fall victim to the Butterfly Effect, realizing that we are at a point of the journey that does not satisfy us. will never know us better than ourselves. We can listen to other people's opinions, but we have to decide. It is impossible to convey a truly meaningful sense of life, each person has to find their own way on their own. And for this, it may be necessary to make mistakes and fall several times. Because it is also through mistakes that we grow. Sometimes the mission of people who truly love us is not to stop us from falling, but to help us get back up. Virtually everyone, sooner or later in life, assumes both roles. That is, we push others and we are pushed. Therefore, the first step is to learn to moderate our tone. We must offer our help when asked, offer our opinion because it can help, but we should not push people in a specific direction. Because sometimes, the best intention can induce the worst mistakeAlso keep in mind that sometimes, some people come to us with the hope that we will solve their problem or make the decision for them. Always politely decline the offer, because everyone should choose their own path and take responsibility for their decisions. We cannot and should never choose for others; on the contrary, when we meet a person who tries to push us in a certain direction, we must point it out assertively. When someone tries to invade your space and proposes to make decisions for you, simply reply: “I understand that you want to help me and take care of me. I will evaluate your advice and make a decision. ”Remember that your life is yours alone, no one can live it for you. You have to decide, only in this way will you be able to discover your true potential and what you really love, what makes life worth living, as in the case of the story of the oak. Fritz Perls used when he started his work groups: “I do my thing and you do yours, I am not in this world to meet your expectations, and you are not in this world to satisfy mine. You are you, I am me. If by chance we meet, fine. If not, there is nothing else to do ".
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