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Of course miracles are not human, but we know that drinking is really good for the body.

The body is deeply nourished and hydrated, and this is immediately visible through the skin which appears more relaxed, compact and less wrinkled.

If the daily diet is integrated thanks to the contribution of special antioxidant centrifuged, even more so after having spent moments of the year that coincide with parties and revelry, here is that the goal of youth and physical recovery is ever closer.

Arm yourself only with a lot of will, a little patience for the preparation, a good centrifuge mixer or extractor and fresh fruit and vegetables, antioxidants and invigorating.

Let's see together some recipes of smoothies, extracts and anti-aging smoothies with ingredients designed for a couple of people.


Centrifuged with ginger for beautiful skin

> 2 cucumbers
> 2 green apples
> a cube of fresh ginger root
Preparation and use: centrifuge and drink immediately, to taste with a squeeze of lime or lemon at the end.


Centrifuged with rejuvenating vitamin C

> 3 carrots
> a ripe kiwi
> 2 oranges
Preparation and use: peel everything well and wash the carrots, spin everything well together, adding a splash of fresh lemon juice at the last moment. An ideal centrifuged to accompany breakfast and start the day with a sprint.


Antioxidant foods and the ORAC scale


Pear, apple and lemon purifying centrifuge

> a couple of green apples
> a couple of ripe Williams pears
> the juice of one lemon
Preparation and use: centrifuge the pears and apples and add the juice of a squeezed lemon only at the end. Purifying and nourishing, this juice is a mix of sour and sweet flavors. Ideal for a snack or a mid-morning snack.


Sweet smoothie with blueberries and lime

> a glass of almond milk sweetened with a little honey or agave syrup
> a bowl of fresh blueberries
> the juice of one lime
> ice
Preparation and use: put everything in the mixer and serve very cold, as an antioxidant smoothie, as a snack or as an energy snack after physical activity

Pear and ginger antioxidant centrifuged

> a couple of ripe pears and an apple
> a couple of raw and well washed kale leaves
> a cube of fresh ginger
Preparation and use: centrifuge all the ingredients together, taking care to chop the cabbage leaves well. Consume before meals, to add a satiating effect to the antioxidant one.

Advice for the after partyDo not forget to treat yourself to a couple of purifying days, on a light diet, with a very low calorie content, rich however with remineralizing green teas and fresh pomegranate juice.


Fermented papaya, the natural source of antioxidants



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