TOP fruit of April, strawberries

Le strawberries they are low in calories and rich in nutrients and are one of the sweetest that nature has offered us.

100 grams of strawberries contain less than 30 calories and provide the body with phosphorus, calcium and vitamins of group B, A and C. They have an excellent share of dietary fiber as well contain xylitol, a substance capable of preventing the formation of dental plaque and halitosis.

For all these reasons it is a great snack to be consumed even outside the home, for example it is one good alternative for a snack at school for children.


Strawberries, beware of ...

Strawberries are therefore an excellent food But care must be taken not to overdo it with the quantities because they are also among the fruits that most expose to pseudo-allergic reactions, especially in young children. That is, strawberries are histamine-liberating foods and, consequently, can cause symptoms similar to those of allergies.

In addition, they are among the fruits that most they absorb pesticides used for their cultivation; it is therefore absolutely advisable to buy only organic strawberries.


Grow strawberries on the balcony

Those who want to produce their own organic strawberries can even grow them on their balcony. Strawberry seedlings, in fact, do not need a lot of space and they also grow in pots of 30 centimeters. The first step is to obtain the seedlings to be planted by buying them from an organic grower; April is a great month to do this.

The soil must be light and rich in organic matter; the plants should be kept in partial shade and watered constantly, but in moderation. The water must be poured on the ground and not on the leaves; the fruits must be harvested as they ripen.

Respect for the correct cultivation techniques prevents the formation of gray and badly white mold, the worst enemies of strawberry plants, together with snails and all gluttonous insects.


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How to eat strawberries

The best way to consume strawberries is pure, without adding anything; they are so naturally greedy that they don't need anything else. However, in special moments, we can have fun bringing them to the table in many different ways:

> Strawberries covered with dark chocolate. Just dip them in melted dark chocolate just before eating them.
> Strawberry salad, to be seasoned with sugar and lemon.
> Mixed fruit salad with strawberries. Strawberries go well, for example, with kiwis and bananas, for a colorful and very nutrient-rich fruit salad.
> Strawberries and cream. A classic. He solves the dessert problem quickly and by making everyone agree; just whip the cream, milk or vegetable, and add it to the strawberry fruit salad.


A recipe with strawberries, ice cream

With a good one ice cream maker and the right ingredients we can make an excellent strawberry ice cream at home.



> 500 g of fresh cream
> 250 g of strawberries
> 1/2 lemon, juice
> 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar (according to taste)
> 1 tablespoon of condensed milk



Wash and cut the strawberries, quickly pass them in a pan with the sugar and lemon juice. They must be cooked but not undone. Blend with the hand blender and allow to cool very well.

Whip the fresh cream; when it is semi-whipped, add the condensed milk and whisk a little more. It must be firm but not excessively.

Add the cream to the strawberry mixture. Start the ice cream maker and pour everything into it. Let the sorbet maker go until the strawberry ice cream is creamy at the right point and serve.


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