The abc of body building: the fundamentals

    The abc of body building: the fundamentals

    A first distinction that is usually used to make within a training session is that commonly made between basic or fundamental exercises and complementary or isolation exercises.
    Of primary importance for the purpose of building a quality physique are the so-called fundamental exercises: squats, deadlifts, bench presses, overhead presses, pull-ups, rowing, dip.
    These exercises, also called multi-joint exercises, involving different muscle groups, require unparalleled coordination and execution technique, which must be scrupulously taught and meticulously verified by the instructor.
    The deadlift and the squat, in particular, by stimulating the metabolic effect through a large hormonal response, allow for overall growth.
    Next to the fundamental exercises are the so-called isolation exercises which, requiring the involvement of only one muscle district, are proposed to work on a detail, I would say better on a particular.
    My studies in motor science and the experience acquired in the fitness sector have led me to observe, over the years, the existence of different training methods, all actually correct, as much as criticizable; ... more exercises are often proposed complementary on a single muscle group and moreover in the same training session.
     Without criticizing the work of colleagues, who like me make fitness a lifestyle, I ask myself a question: are we sure that these exercises are really useful for growth? Furthermore, it is no less important to understand to which individuals to propose, "possibly", these types of training, in accordance with the analysis of their own musculoskeletal structure.
    I would say that isolation exercises, intended to improve blood flow, can be useful if proposed alongside, both before and after the basic or fundamental exercise; but how can they stimulate growth in the most slender subjects?


    According to the latest studies carried out in the sector, it has emerged that for these subjects there is a need to build the "foundations", that is, to lay down the bases on which to plan a later training, possibly more "detailed". My advice is therefore to include only fundamental exercises in the "first" cards and, only after having reached an "adequate" physical structure, to propose complementary exercises.
    This, in reality, is valid both for the female universe and for the male one and in this sense there can be no form of discrimination, for the purposes of the training methodology, between men and women.
    It would therefore be impossible for a girl whose goal is to lose weight, tone up or shape if you prefer, to build a program with gluteus kick, adductor and abductor avoiding to insert squats and deadlifts: fundamental exercises.
    One of the reasons why people resort to doping is that the desired results are not achieved, but mind you, not unreachable.
    As far as I am concerned, I strongly believe in this "sport" and to all the people who approach it, I am happy to leave the following tips:

    1 perform fundamental exercises without overlapping
    2 use the gradual loading technique
    3 respect rest
    4 take care of nutrition in all its details
    5 short workouts
    6 patience, patience, patience avoiding taking "shortcuts" that lead nowhere

    A special thanks to the teacher Stuart McRobert who has managed with his devotion and professionalism to spread, among many others, the "natural" training technique, making this sport in constant ascent.

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