The 10 rules for not gaining weight

    The 10 rules for not gaining weight

    In the last few months, have you successfully followed the Lertola Method, the Wellnessquad Diet to lose 6 kilos in three months without getting them back? Find out how to keep the results achieved! Here are 10 rules to follow. 

    1. Continue to respect Carla's rules

    At lunch and dinner: a plate of pasta, rice or cereals, preferably wholemeal (or bread or potatoes) + a second protein (meat, legumes, cheeses ...) + vegetables at will.

    For seasoning and cooking use preferably raw extra virgin olive oil, measuring it with a teaspoon if you're afraid of overdoing it. As for the fruit, limited to 2-3 servings per day, to avoid overdoing the sugars.

    2. Watch out for the doses!

    You are no longer on a diet, but that does not mean that you can eat everything and in exaggerated quantities. If you've followed our program, you should have learned a regulate yourself with portions (no need to weigh them). Continue like this also in the maintenance phase, giving yourself 2-3 times a week a more delicious, seasoned or abundant dish.

    3. Don't skip meals

    Because if you do, it is certain that you will end up with the nibble more during the day (in the morning, if you don't have breakfast, or in the afternoon, if you give up lunch), and by ingesting too many Calories without realizing it. 

    Or you will be able to hold back but, arriving at the table too hungry, you will throw yourself on the food, with the consequence not only of binging but also of straining the digestion. In both cases, therefore, skipping meals will lead you to an increase, certainly not a control weight.

    When you wake up, don't limit yourself to a coffee drunk in a hurry: always add a few biscuits, a little wholemeal bread with honey or jam, a yogurt. Starting your food day right is the right choice for keep appetite at bay.

    4. Do not compensate for "mistakes"

    Do not accumulate mistakes at the table and then think of making up for it with a day based only on fruit and yogurt. The best thing is to act in advance. If you know you have a dinner with friends on your agenda, stay light at lunch and then, before leaving the house, fill your stomach with a plate of raw and crunchy vegetables.

    5. Don't fast to purify yourself

    A whole day without eating is not needed for clean up inside. Get used to thinking that food doesn't poison you, but - more simply - it feeds you. Obviously if you choose it well (without exaggerating with fats, sugars and salt), you respect the quantity ok for you, you cook it in a light and imaginative way.

    By the way, the habitual fasting (as well as diets that are too restrictive) risks starving the body, pushing it to make the little you give it enough. The metabolism slow down and paradoxically you will tend to gain weight.

    6. Weigh yourself every week

    To keep the line the balance is essential. Use it once a week, preferably not immediately after the weekend or special occasions where you may have overdone a bit with food or alcohol. Always weigh yourself at the same time, in the morning on an empty stomach, wearing only underwear. And if you see the needle start swinging to the right (a single weigh isn't enough to conclude you're gaining weight!), Try asking yourself what you're doing wrong.

    Perhaps you have lost sight of the right portions (such as variety and quantity) brought to the table in the previous weeks. Or you have reduced the physical activity you normally did. In this sense it can help you to hold a food diary, on which to mark not only what you eat and where, but also the time dedicated to sport. You will need to clarify and correct any errors.

    7. Go shopping according to season

    This period is the best time to eat lightly. The heat reduces your appetite a little and pushes you to choose fresh, moisturizing foods. At the super or, better still, at the local market, buy lots of vegetables and fruit of different colors, to guarantee you the right mix of vitamins and antioxidants.

    Add it to salads Whole grains, for example by combining natural canned fish: you will get a balanced and light dish. As well as practical for the lunch break.

    8. Varia i menu

    Strive to taste everything. Beyond the calories, each food provides you with different amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants ... To make sure you have the various nutrients your body needs, then change your menus as much as possible. By doing so, you will also be more attentive and aware of the food consumed (as type and quantity) and this will help you not to overdo it.

    9. Cook with imagination

    What undermines the success of a diet (for weight loss or maintenance) is monotony. Avoid hospital meals. Our cooking teacher, Eva Golia, has suggested you many simple and delicious recipes in the past few weeks. Include them on your menus every now and then.

    And try a too devising new preparations. If you're short of ideas, sign up for a cooking class or search the site. With one certainty: enjoying food is the winning weapon to get up from the table satisfied. And therefore satiated.

    10. Don't be in a hurry

    With the Lertola method you have understood that it is better to lose weight slowly, so that you have the time to learn how to nourish yourself well and not immediately frustrate the results obtained. The last rule that you must respect in order not to quickly regain the kilos disposed of in the 3 months of diet it is therefore to persevere on this path.

    No to haste, therefore, especially when you sit at the table. Eat slowly, chew well, enjoy every single bite you put in your mouth. Experience the meal break as a moment of Relax or conviviality, if you are lucky enough to spend it in company. And dedicate at least half an hour to it. Food will have time to fill your stomach and you will find yourself in the ideal conditions not to give in to temptations between meals. 

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