Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss

    To cook healthy dishes a minimum programming it's necessary. But only half an hour a week is enough, especially to avoid finding yourself at the last minute without the right ingredients

    “If you know you will be home at 20 pm, it is better to prepare some in advance (for example, on Sundays) dishes to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer, cooking the quantities you need (for the seasonings adjusted using a spoonful of oil per serving) ", suggests the doctor Serafina Petrocca, specialist in food science in Turin.  

    The advice of Dr. Petrocca that you find below, are ideal whether you have followed our summer diet, both to maintain the results achieved, and, more generally, to cook in a healthy way for the whole family. The taste? It is assured, go on reading.

    Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss


    Every day, at lunch, you can indulge yourself 80-100 g of pasta, rice or other cereals (barley, kamut), better if wholemeal: seasoned with vegetables and proteins, it is good for the whole family, it is very filling and allows you to do without bread. Much better than the classic bresaola and salad couple, which gives satiety, but then the stomach empties and blood sugars do not go, so at 15 you want sweets.

    Cuisine according to the Mediterranean tradition: «Don't use oil only raw: ours excellent extra virgin olive oil withstands heat without degrading. If you make orecchiette with broccoli, that's enough just heat the oil, add the anchovy, garlic, chilli pepper, throw in the pasta and vegetables. So you are gratified and you don't think about food all day»Reassures the expert.

    If you eat out and can't bring your own food, opt for a first and season it with 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce.

    Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss

    Evening combinations

    To refine the silhouette e counteract cellulite, in the evening pay attention to combinations: instead of eliminating salt from the kitchen (impossible), better combine proteins and vegetables (also in past or soup), avoiding carbohydrates such as bread and pasta, which have the characteristic of retaining water. So they move and remove liquid deposits.

    Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss


    They are the ideal dish to eat at dinner: «Always start your evening meal with a soup or vegetable soup, a hot dish that relaxes and, by dilating the walls of the stomach, it allows you to eat less»Advises the doctor. Soups, minestrone, soups and vegetable soups also help you to increase the amount of fluids of your nutrition.

    A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition and conducted by researchers from the University of Iowa points out that these dishes make those who eat them less likely to gain weight and to introduce too many calories, while ensuring a excellent supply of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

    Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss


    One evening a week, after the minestrone, the second course can consist of 2 eggs. As they are not very filling, it is best to use them for one omelette with vegetables, cooked with a little oil in a non-stick pan.

    Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss


    The ok dose of meat is 200 g twice a week. «The recommendation of the World Fund for Cancer Research is not to exceed 500 g per week: in these doses both white and red are fine, as long as it is of quality (such as that certified by the breeders' consortia) », recommends the expert. Eat it for dinner, preferring to the usual slice a cut into cubes or strips, to be sautéed with vegetables and spices.

    Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss

    Fish & Co.

    More digestible than meat because it has no connective tissue, it should be eaten 3-4 times a week. “I recommend 2 times for dinner in the form of whole fish of 400 g: cooked and deprived of head, bones and tail the weight will be less, but it will still give you more satisfaction of a poor fillet », emphasizes the specialist. "2 times also for lunch: shellfish and seafood they are ideal with vegetables for pasta and rice sauces ».

    Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss

    Vegetables and legumes

    - Vegetables: are in free quantity, but don't overdo it huge raw salads which would risk giving you great abdominal tension. Keep as a reference of quantity a bowl or holster.

    - Legumes: represent an excellent second for 2-3 times a week, in the evening. Calculate a serving size of 80g raw, 180g cooked and cook them with herbs and spices, combining them with vegetables to increase chewing and satisfaction.

    Summer 2021 program: how to cook for weight loss


    In addition to the 2 tablespoons of parmesan, pecorino or aged parmesan grated a day, if you want to lose weight, aim for a single 1g dose of cheese a week. Keep it for lunch, to prepare for example a tasty risotto with radicchio and zola, or pizzoccheri with casera and cabbage.

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