Stuffed courgettes: 15 recipes for all tastes

Zucchini are among the most popular vegetables of the summer. They are light and easy to digest. Usually everyone likes them, even children. We can prepare zucchini in a thousand ways. Among the slightly more elaborate recipes to bring them to the table we find the stuffed zucchini. If we love the stuffed zucchini we can serve them together with stuffed peppers for a second dish rich in colors and flavors. It is easy to adapt the zucchini filling to the needs of those who eat vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free since there are so many variants to fill them.

Here is a collection of ideas for preparing stuffed zucchini in many different ways that you can add to your archive of vegetarian recipes and vegan recipes.


Stuffed courgettes with cherry tomatoes

Zucchini stuffed with cherry tomatoes is a light and tasty second course. The courgettes are cooked only in the oven so they remain firm, the filling instead is moist inside and crunchy on the outside. This dish, being egg-free and lactose-free, is also suitable for those who are allergic or intolerant to these foods. Here you will find the complete recipe.


Stuffed courgettes with asparagus

Stuffed courgettes with asparagus, one spring recipe tasty and delicious for a second vegetarian dish, good and appreciated even by the little ones.
A soft preparation inside, but firm and crunchy on the outside, it can also be proposed as an idea for a buffet or an aperitif. Here the complete recipe.

Vegan stuffed zucchini

: Vegness

Le vegan stuffed zucchini they are egg-free, meat-free and dairy-free. To stuff them, you can blend the pulp of the zucchini with the breadcrumbs, adding olives and capers, fresh herbs in your city and other ingredients of vegetable origin such as dried tomatoes. Here the recipe.


Round courgettes stuffed with rice and potatoes

: Recipes without

For the filling of your round courgettes we offer you a tasty egg-free filling consisting of rice, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and the pulp of the courgettes. A filling really rich in taste that makes this dish nutritionally complete; by virtue of this, the round zucchini stuffed with rice and potatoes can also be served as a single dish. Here you will find the complete recipe.


Stuffed courgettes without gluten

If you want to prepare the stuffed courgettes without gluten or vary your usual recipes choose millet, the recipe we propose is that of zucchini stuffed with millet and olives, easy to prepare, to be consumed even at room temperature. Here the recipe.

Stuffed zucchini in the oven

: Ginger and Tomato

The most common cooking for stuffed zucchini is precisely that in the oven. For yours baked vegetarian stuffed zucchini you can choose to combine gatteinato bread, cheese, extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley. Here the recipe.

Ligurian-style stuffed zucchini

: The lost marjoram

Here is a version of stuffed zucchini that you may not know yet. It is about the stuffed zucchini Ligurian style, to be flavored with fresh marjoram. Here is the (vegetarian) recipe to follow.

Zucchini stuffed with millet

: The greedy healthy eating

Among the rediscovered cereals that you can choose to fill your stuffed zucchini we find millet that you can combine with herbs in your city and seasonal vegetables, such as cherry tomatoes, parsley and basil. Here the recipe.

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Zucchini stuffed with brown rice

: I don't eat weird

If you have leftover brown rice or if you want to experiment with a new recipe, try using it as a filling for your stuffed zucchini, in combination with other ingredients such as cherry tomatoes or peppers. Here the recipe.

Stuffed zucchini with Thermomix

If you want to prepare some vegetarian stuffed zucchini you can do this even more easily with your food processor. As for the ingredients, you can choose seitan, parsley, basil and breadcrumbs. Here the recipe.

Stuffed round zucchini

: The imperfect cuisine

To prepare this dish there are those who prefer long zucchini and those who always choose the round courgettes. The trick to preparing stuffed round courgettes is to hollow them out and blanch them before stuffing them. Here the recipe.

Zucchini stuffed with potatoes and mint

: A vegetarian in the kitchen

If you like potatoes, you can only try a new one recipe for stuffed zucchini. Match the potatoes with mint, rice flour and chopped almonds. This preparation is egg-free and garlic-free. It is suitable for everyone, including vegetarians, vegans and caliaci. Here the recipe.

Light stuffed courgettes

: Happy Mom

To prepare the light version of stuffed courgettes very few ingredients are enough. In fact, you will only need fresh courgettes, basil and parsley, breadcrumbs and extra virgin olive oil; the garlic clove is optional. Here the recipe.

Zucchini stuffed with couscous and vegetables

: Simply Light

Here is another idea perfect for the summer: zucchini stuffed with couscous and vegetables. The couscous is ready in a few minutes and to season it you can choose your favorite seasonal vegetables, olives and capers. Here the recipe.

Zucchini stuffed with quinoa

: Crispy Kitchen

And finally, here is a last version of stuffed zucchini for you that will allow you to discover a new recipe with quinoa. Keep in mind that quinoa is gluten-free so you can easily prepare gluten-free stuffed zucchini with a few small tricks. Here the recipe.

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