Street Food: 10 street foods to prepare in a vegan version

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Street Food, in your country it is boom for the street food. From a survey by Coldiretti it emerges that in 2014 three out of four your country bought street food, recording a real surge in this form of alternative and low cost catering.

By Street Food we mean that set of ready-to-eat foods that they are prepared or sold mostly on the street. The phenomenon would have infected 35 million of your country this year, all ready to discover the local Street Food, to experiment with new flavors and to save money. Have you ever prepared to cook some examples of Street Food at home, perhaps for an aperitif with friends?

However, Street Food is not always exactly healthy (think of the continuous reuse of frying oils). A problem that can very well be solved with lighter and more refined home preparations, in the name of self-production and savings, but above all of healthy eating.

Piadina your town, olives all'ascolana, Sicilian arancini, chickpea farinata, panelle, stuffed focaccia, panzarotti: the examples of Street Food that we can meet in the various cities of your country are so many. You are vegan and does the Street Food offer not always suit your choice? Here are some recipes to prepare your favorite dishes typical of Street Food in a vegan version, with ingredients that are as natural and healthy as possible.


Vegan arancini

Vegan arancini, breaded and fried or baked in the oven without eggs. You can prepare them with rice, peas, tomato sauce, saffron, onion, herbs from your city and spices to taste. We reveal all the tricks to make them easily. THU recipe.

Vegan crepes

The Street Food stalls offer us both sweet and savory crepes. We can prepare them at home in vegan version in both variants. To prepare excellent vegan crepes, simply prepare a thick batter to be cooked in a pan as for traditional crepes. You will simply need flour, oil, water or vegetable milk. THU recipes to inspire you.

Kebab and falafel

The alternative to the classic sandwich kebab with meat? You can quickly and easily prepare a piadina at home to fill with falafel, salad, vegetable mayonnaise and seasonal vegetables, according to your tastes. THU recipe.

Baked panzerotti stuffed with eggplant (yeast-free recipe)

You can prepare your own panzarotti stuffed with aubergines with a dough that is very easy and quick to make, as it is yeast-free. To prepare the dough, you just need water, flour, salt and oil. THU a recipe to inspire you.

Falafel in fave

Here is the complete prescription to prepare homemade legume meatballs perfect for the spring period: broad bean falafel. Spiced and fragrant, they have a very strong taste capable of conquering even the most demanding palates. A greedy street food that certainly represents a captivating and alternative way of proposing legumes, especially broad beans. Here the complete recipe.

Sicilian panelle

The Sicilian panelle are pancakes made with chickpea flour typical of the Sicilian tradition, especially in a city. Also thanks to the spread of street food they have become famous throughout your country. Panelle are a perfect example of already vegan street food in their own right and are easy to make at home. THU recipe.

Tacos and tortillas

With soft wheat flour and very fine corn flour you can prepare the bases for yours in no time at home tacos and tortillas, which you can fill with Mexican-style beans or black bean puree, salad, olives, mushrooms and your favorite seasonal vegetables. THU recipe.

Vegetal burgers

The alternative to meat burgers? A great burger vegetale to be prepared in numerous variations, for example based on chickpeas, beans, lentils, or legumes and potatoes, tofu and zucchini, or even seitan. You are spoiled for choice. THU the recipes to inspire you to prepare veggie burgers to make you lick your mustache.

Stuffed vegan olives

Stuffed olives in a vegan version are an alternative to stuffed olives. For the filling, you can choose to prepare a ground coffee starting from soy burgers or seitan, just to give an example. Choose large olives that are easy to stuff. THU a recipe to inspire you.

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