Skin in the sun: the 7 foods to bring to the table to protect the skin from UV rays

Dehydration and photoaging they are the main enemies to fight on vacation. «Prolonged exposure to the sun, salt (if you are at the sea) and wind accelerate the loss of fluids. The result is one drier and drier skin, which tries to protect itself by thickening, ”explains the doctor Elisa Casella, a nutrition biologist in Rome.

To keep it beautiful and bright is not enough avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day and use protective creams (as we always recommend on Healthyroyale): the skin must also be protected from the inside, providing it with the right foods.


“The first thing to do is quench the body's thirst by drinking plenty of water throughout the day or, better still, taking it through fruit and vegetables », advises our expert. The important is do not wait until you are thirsty: this feeling in fact indicates that we are already in a situation of reduced hydration, while we should try to prevent the problem.

But why vegetables work best than the simple bottle of mineral? «By also providing fiber, they allow the liquids they contain to be absorbed slowly and gradually from the intestine and thus ensure prolonged and effective irrigation », replies Dr. Casella. «In the middle of the morning and as a snack, yes watermelon, strawberry, grapefruit, melon, pineapple, raspberry and blueberry (the indisputably more watery varieties). For lunch and dinner ok to salads based on cucumbers, lettuce, celery, radishes, courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, all a source of a high percentage of liquids ».


Unlike plain water, which by the way the colder it is, the faster it is eliminated, the above foods also have the advantage of containing vitamins and other substances that are friendly to our skin.

Ultraviolet rays don't just dry out the epidermis, they also cause premature skin aging (with the appearance of wrinkles) and can damage the DNA of cells, paving the way for tumors. The foods to bring to the table in this perspective of prevention are carrots, peppers, pumpkin, dark green leafy vegetables, which are a mine of beta-carotene.

“This substance (which the body uses to build vitamin A) is indispensable for the production of melanin, the dark pigment that represents the skin's first line of defense against the sun's rays. Furthermore, the beta-carotene is fixed in the epidermis helping to prevent sunburn and sunburn. There provitamin A also has an antioxidant action preventing the formation of free radicals that oxidize and stiffen cell membranes and set the stage for photoaging », explains our nutritionist biologist.


Other protagonists of the diet for the skin in the sun are berries, strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwis, tomatoes. The reason? «They provide vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, which disarms free radicals and, in addition, promotes the formation of collagen, the protein that gives support, tone and elasticity to the skin ", is the answer.


«Don't miss out on the table salmon and other fatty fish, nuts and oil seeds in general, ”adds Dr Casella. «They guarantee the maintenance of the hydrolipidic film of the skin and the elasticity of cell membranes (including those of the dermis). I am therefore indispensable in terms of wrinkle prevention and, thanks to their anti-inflammatory action, they attenuate the "fire" lit by the sun's rays. It should not be forgotten that dried fruit, oil seeds and fatty fish provide the vitamin E, another antioxidant which must not be missing on your summer table ».


Numerous scientific studies have highlighted the link between damage to the dermis and deficiency of the vitamin complex of group B. «Cereals are rich in B1, B2, B6 (I suggest to prefer basmati rice, millet and spelled pasta) and bananas», explains the nutritionist biologist. «Attention, then: other researches have shown that the sun, taken correctly, without exaggerating, can improve acne and seborrheic dermatitis and favoring the production of vitamin D. In short, there is no need to demonize it ».


So far we have talked about micronutrients. But in the summer it is also necessary to supply the body with proteins: fish, of course, but also fresh cheeses and yogurt. «They contain the amino acids that our organism uses for example for build collagen or red blood cells, which serve to transport oxygen and therefore nourishment to all cells, including those of the epidermis », explains Dr. Elisa Casella.

«With regard to milk, we must not forget that fermented milk is very useful for rebalancing the intestinal bacterial flora, which is increasingly considered essential for our well-being. A healthy intestine, which works well, allows the correct elimination of toxins that can leave their mark on the skin of the face; plus it puts the immune system in a position to function at its best e turn off sunburn or other reactions to the sun's rays in the bud».


Everything we have said so far has been summarized in the menu scheme below. “It is very simple and easy to follow even for those who don't like to spend too much time in the kitchen»Assures our expert.


Almond milk or rice milk + sourdough bread with organic strawberry or apricot jam + 5 pistachios.


1 fresh fruit of your choice.


Lunch: rye bread + salmon carpaccio + grilled zucchini.

Dinner: breaded turkey breast cooked in a pan with extra virgin olive oil accompanied by Pachino tomatoes and yogurt sauce + salad n ° 2 (see below).


Lunch: rye bread with cottage cheese + salad n ° 1 (see below).

Dinner: soup with potatoes, carrots, red lentils, courgettes, chard or spinach and fresh basil.


Lunch: couscous with carrots, zucchini and fresh basil.

Dinner: 1-2 egg omelette with potatoes and zucchini.


Lunch: chicken breast + salad n ° 2.

Dinner: rye bread + salmon carpaccio + chard or cooked spinach.


Lunch: rye bread + cottage cheese and grilled vegetables (peppers and courgettes).

Dinner: soup with potatoes, carrots, red lentils, courgettes, beets or spinach and basil.


Lunch: swordfish steak with yogurt sauce + salad n ° 1.

Dinner: vegetarian pizza.


Lunch: Basmati rice + yellow peppers + 1 scrambled egg.

Dinner: steamed sole with parsley and extra virgin olive oil + steamed potatoes.

Salad n ° 1

- songino or baby lettuce

- julienne carrots

- sunflower seeds

- extra virgin olive oil

Salad n ° 2

- raw spinach

- carrots

- avocado

- extra virgin olive oil

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