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Here we are in the month of September. The last rays of summer are left, savoring them until the end, to welcome the advance of autumn and short days. As the author Guido Gozzano wrote: “Grandfather, the silver of your gray hair / shines in the light of the paths: / you walk among the figs, among the plum trees and the pear trees / with a basket of first fruits in your hands”.

Yes, because it is with the end of summer that the last sun-ripened fruits are harvested, jam is made with the green tomatoes left on the plant, the vegetable garden is prepared to give life to autumn and winter products. And new flavors are felt among the market stalls. Scents of fruit and vegetables in September.


Among the September fruit ...

Between seasonal fruit available in September here come the figs, delicious, nutritious, versatile. They are the protagonists among the fruit of September, together with grapes. Small and dark figs, white, or large fioroni, a little less tasty. The fruits of the fig have been consumed since ancient times, its properties are well known: remineralizing and nourishing, thanks to the content of calcium, iron and potassium, the pectic substances of which they are made up prevent blockages of the veins. Figs are also consumed dried or are widely used for the production of sweets and jams.

As a side dish with ham or cheese, with walnuts and almonds, they become an exquisite dish. Their close relatives should not be forgotten, prickly pears. And here it also appears thegrape, rich in nutritional and antioxidant properties, whether white or red, it helps to relax thanks to vitamin B and to strengthen the body in view of the first cold, thanks to vitamins A and C. Walking in the mountains you will discover blueberries mature, allies of sight and circulation. On the trees plums, apples and pears, the last peaches. While the last melons remain on the ground.


How rich are autumn foods?

3 September jams


And among the vegetables!

The vegetables of the summer still remain: so don't miss the last ones zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, carrots, beans and green beans, peas and cucumbersthe. It's still leeks, onions and spring onions. The leek, often underestimated, is a misunderstood prince: rich in water, it is very low in calories, excellent for diets; it's great source of vitamins B9 and B6, it contains a lot of potassium and little sodium, so it is a fantastic natural diuretic.

Therefore, do not use it only as a sauté to replace onion, but cook all kinds of dishes by wrapping them in the leaves. Typically autumn side dishes also make their way onto the table, such as broccoli, chard and spinach, chicory and cabbage. Mushrooms sprout in the damp forest and the orange of the pumpkins arrives.


Here are 5 recipes for the September diet


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