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The natural and vegan choice in sweetening it undoubtedly means intake of calories, but through something that the body recognizes as healthy and that it immediately incorporates and transforms into available energy.

It means less mood swings, reduced blood sugar swing, enhancement of the personal power to regain health and therefore self-esteem and respect for the parts that make up the whole, from teeth to joints to thoughts, since we know that white sugar it acts at the level of the structure and at the energy level. 


The harmful effects of white sugar 

Among the damages of white sugar we especially emphasize those to nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

Prolonged consumption of sugar creates serious imbalances in the glycemic level and can trigger what is defined metabolic syndrome.

This state often leads to diabetes and is characterized by high fasting blood sugar, large waist, high triglycerides, high blood pressure. This syndrome is linked to oxidative stress which induces cell damage and is one of the main factors worsening the diabetic situation. 

White sugar greatly damages the immune system. In particular, we report the results of a research on the effect of refined sugar carried out in California in 1979, taken from the book by Martin Halsey, "A Light World".

The study highlights how white blood cells in normal conditions are able to kill about 14 bacteria and how this potential is drastically reduced just five minutes after consuming refined sugar. In summary, taking white sugar lowers our defenses, leaves us uncovered by any bacterial attacks. Sugar is also the main cause of ailments such as osteoporosis.

From coconut to dates: extraordinary variations to sugar 

Some are even cheap and all of them are absolutely wholesome. Discovering these variations of sweeteners allows you to unleash your imagination in the kitchen and re-evaluate our concept of dessert.

By getting into the habit of consuming these natural sweeteners you will immediately recognize the sugar addiction also brings very few benefits to our system.

Here are 8 with their properties.


Among the natural sweeteners, also discover palm sugar


1. Coconut and its variants for sweetening 

The coconut young it is rich in natural electrolytes; the powdered coconut milk it has an incredible velvety texture

La grated coconut it is rich in fiber and good saturated fats, very versatile in the kitchen.

Il coconut butter derives from the drying of the dried pulp also called "copra", devoid, as a vegetable, of cholesterol; among vegetable oils, coconut oil is among those that have the least amount of unsaturated fatty acids, therefore with the least amount of oleic acid.


2. the blueberry 

Extraordinary antioxidant, blueberry is also purifying of urinary and antioxidant system. They help in case of capillary fragility, for blood circulation and for sight. They improve intestinal function and have positive effects on liver health.

Thanks to the content of antioxidants, blueberries help prevent the action of free radicals, responsible for aging and cellular degeneration at the base of many diseases, including tumors.


3. The maple syrup 

Maple syrup (65% sucrose), together with malt (50% in maltose) and al honey, it is an excellent sweetener. Rich in polyphenols and important nutrients, it is employed to hold weight gain under control.


4. Agave juice 

Agave syrup it is nothing but the sap of the cactus, composed of fructose and inulin; is a powerful one antitumor, helps the bones and the immune system. It has a very low glycemic index.


5. The dates 

They are in fact multi-purpose sweeteners and can be used in the preparation of various desserts. Dates have a high caloric intake but consumed regularly in moderate doses can counteract thehypercholesterolemia and improve digestion by virtue ofhigh fiber content. They are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium.


6. Apricots 

Rich in beta-carotene, apricots are rich in fiber and do not contain an excessive load of calories. They sweeten when minced and are useful for weight loss and control of hyperglycemia. They also have a strong antioxidant power, due to the Vitamin A, which helps to stem the effects of free radicals.


7.I fichi 

Rich in vitamin B3 and potassium, figs have a beneficial effect on skin, eyes, digestive system and heart system. For Hindus and Buddhists, figs are the symbol of knowledge and truth. You can dry them, make them into jam, prepare a sauce by combining honey and cinnamon.


8. Stevia 

La stevia it is a seedling with a sweetening power superior to sugar, almost completely free of side effects. It can also be grown as a balcony seedling and once dried it can be chopped and used instead of sugar. 

The sweetener plant is known precisely as stevia rebaudiana, by Rebaudi, the discoverer of its sweetening properties. In fact, more than 150 species of stevia have been described in nature, but rebaudiana is the only one that also has important sweetening properties.

It is commercially available as a glucose-free sweetener or in liquid form as a concentrated extract. Will you believe it is a sweetener that actually regulates sugar metabolism? Effective to cope with the diabetes, overweight and other similar related ailments. 


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