Salty muffins: 10 recipes for all tastes

I muffin can they only be sweet? Classic muffins are always very greedy, but you can also prepare them in a savory version, to be served as an aperitif, as an appetizer or to enrich a second dish.

Choose organic and seasonal ingredients as much as possible to make the recipes we offer you.

Here are many ideas for preparing your savory muffins.


Savory pumpkin muffins


La pumpkin it is a perfect ingredient for making savory muffins. Don't forget it and write down the idea for when it will be in season. You can prepare these muffins with wholemeal flour and you will have to boil and blend the pumpkin to get the dough. THU the complete recipe.

Savory muffins with mushrooms, peas and saffron

From the blog Natula your city, here is a very original idea to prepare gods Salted muffins with mushrooms, peas and saffron. The experiment is very simple to use. If you want, you can choose vegetable milk and avoid using eggs. THU the complete recipe.

Savory muffins with ricotta and courgettes

Giallo Zafferano offers a truly original recipe to prepare some savory cottage cheese and zucchini muffins. You can garnish each muffin with a cherry tomato, so the presentation of your dish will be really pleasant. The preparation of these muffins is very fast and the cooking takes only 30 minutes. THU recipe.

Savory vegetable muffins (lactose-free recipe)

These savory muffins feature a truly special ingredient: seasonal vegetables. To prepare the savory vegetable muffins it will take about an hour, but if you have little time available you can easily divide the preparation into two stages. Based on seasonal minestrone, not very refined flours and eggs, you can also serve the vegetable muffins as single dish accompanying them with a fresh green salad.

Savory carrot and basil muffins

If you have the opportunity to collect some fresh basil straight from your garden you are really lucky. In fact, you can use it together with carrots to prepare excellent savory muffins. For the filling you will also need some feta cheese. THU the complete recipe to prepare your savory carrot and basil muffins.

Salted tofu and spinach muffins

Here is a version of the Salted muffins without butter, milk and eggs, therefore also suitable for those who are vegan. As the blog Who stole the tarts suggests, you can combine regular wheat flour with buckwheat flour. You will need spinach, tofu and rice milk. Here the complete recipe.

Savory muffins with onions and dried tomatoes

This savory onion muffins and dried tomatoes are a vegan preparation, without butter, dairy products and eggs. As the Vegan Swiss blog suggests, you will be served dried tomatoes, vegan cheese, onions, wheat flour and lentil flour. THU the complete recipe.

Savory potato muffins

To prepare delicious savory potato muffins, in addition to the boiled potatoes, wholemeal flour, grated Parmesan or pecorino cheese, ricotta, olives, peas or other vegetables as desired. You can also prepare these muffins by doubling the doses of the ingredients, because it is possible to freeze them, as suggested by the blog The Green Pot. THU the complete recipe.

Savory muffins with courgettes and parmesan

these savory muffins with zucchini and parmesan they are great to take to work or as a packed lunch, as suggested by the blog Il Menu di Angela. The preparation is very simple, but you can still help yourself with a food processor to chop the zucchini. THU the complete recipe.

Salty pepper muffins

These savory muffins will be very colorful and tasty. You can prepare them using yellow and red peppers, onion or chives, soy milk, potato starch and wheat flour, as suggested by Bergamo Vegan. The extra advice is to put the peppers in the oven first because they do not release too much water during cooking. THU the complete recipe.


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