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La prostate is an organ of the male genital system, used for the production and emission of seminal fluid.

The prostate can enlarge and lead, especially with advancing age, to problems with urination, burning due to stagnant urine linked to states of inflammation, problems at all.urinary system with a feeling of incomplete emptying, unpleasantness when urinating and the need to urinate often even at night.

An ally from the plant world are the pumpkin seeds.

In fact, it has been found that in the populations that make regular use of pumpkin seeds there is less onset of this malaise and also studies and researches have confirmed the beneficial properties for the prostate of pumpkin seeds.

The continued use of pumpkin seeds and oil made it possible reduce the symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy up to 80% and the results begin to be perceived already from the first weeks of introduction of pumpkin seeds into one's diet.


Properties of pumpkin seeds

The composition of pumpkin seeds it has a high biological value because it is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids. In particular it is rich in linoleic acid e minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper and zinc. They are also present Vitamins: A, B1, B2 e B3.

Among the specific substances we find the sterols concurbitin and other trace elements and phytosubstances that contribute toanti-inflammatory activity, especially aimed at the prostate tissue. Concurbitin is in particular a vermifuge and helps the well-being of theurinary system, even the female one.

The active ingredients of pumpkin seeds they are indicated for urinary tract illnesses resulting from nervousness, exposure to cold, asthenia and weakness such as incontinence, inflammation bladder e cystitis.


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Purchase advice

Pumpkin seeds are obtained from pumpkins and therefore potentially the best way to get them is grow pumpkins and dry the seeds.

It will be enough to extract them from the pulp, dry them and leave them in the air for a couple of days and then keep them in a glass jar protected and tightly closed. Some toast the seeds lightly in the oven but this decreases some of the nutrients and active ingredients.

If we cannot self-produce the seeds then we will be able to find on the market (even at the supermarket) i ready-made and wrapped pumpkin seeds. Care should be taken when preparing pumpkin seeds: they are often roasted, salted or even enriched and processed with other ingredients. Read the labels remains the best method to evaluate the quality of the product.

The optimal choice falls on the natural pumpkin seeds from organic farming without any other ingredients. We will also be able to find pumpkin seeds with or without the coating; this "shell" helps to preserve nutrients and exposes the seeds less to light.

However, shelled pumpkin seeds are also excellent and can then be prepared at home in the form of grains, powder or can be munched like this, natural.


Dosages for pumpkin seeds

The effective doses of consumption of pumpkin seeds are at least 3 tablespoons a day to munch on or add to your usual diet. They can be enjoyed like snack, always carrying a few handfuls with him just as was the custom in many ancient peoples who nibbled them during the day. 

We can insert whole or chopped seeds at mixed vegetable salads or fruit salads. Still they can be prepared in grated or granulated form that will be added on top of the dishes as if it were cheese.

in soups and soups spoon or dough can be inserted in the form of prepared flour by putting the seeds of the coffee grinder or grinder and adding, where possible, at the end of cooking.

Recall that, being rich in vegetable oils and fats, they are calorie source and our diet must take this into account and be balanced in relation to our energy needs in order not to exceed with the risk of gaining weight.

Pumpkin seed oil is a vegetable oil that can be combined with cooking oil to season and flavor dishes, strictly from consume raw avoiding cooking which would lose some nutrients and therefore numerous beneficial properties.

Two tablespoons of pumpkin seed oil a day may be an acceptable reference amount if you want to reap the full benefits.


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