Pizzoccheri: the original recipe from Valtellina and 10 variations

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Do you love homemade pizzoccheri? The recipe of pizzoccheri alla valtelllinese plans to season this type of pasta prepared with buckwheat flour and soft wheat flour, choosing cabbage, potatoes and Casera, a local cheese.

Beyond the basic preparation of pizzoccheri, which you can also make at home in a gluten-free version, you can season this dish in many different ways. For example, to season the pizzoccheri you can replace the cabbage with spinach or you can add legumes or other vegetables.

Here is the complete original recipe of the pizzoccheri of Valtellina and other variations to experiment.


Pizzoccheri alla valtellinese, the original recipe

To dress a plate of pizzoccheri according to the Valtellina recipe, butter, Casera cheese, grated parmesan or parmesan cheese, cabbage and potatoes cannot be missing. Pizzoccheri della Valtellina must be baked in the oven before serving them on the table. Here the recipe.


Pizzoccheri vegan

There are many variations of pizzoccheri in the vegan version. For example, they can replace cheeses with a cashew cream or with rice or soy cream 100% vegetable or even with coconut milk. Here is an example.


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Gluten-free pizzoccheri

The original pizzoccheri contain both buckwheat flour and soft wheat flour, so they are not gluten-free. But you can buy or prepare at home gluten-free pizzoccheri with buckwheat flour and then season them in the classic way or to taste. Here the recipe.

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Pizzoccheri light

If you are looking for a light recipe to prepare and season pizzoccheri, here is one of the many possibilities. For example, you can dress them with a light béchamel made with soy milk. Here the recipe.

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Pizzoccheri without butter

prepare pizzoccheri without butter it's that simple. In fact, just follow the original recipe and simply omit the butter in your preparation or replace it with extra virgin olive oil for the dressing. Here the recipe for pizzoccheri without butter.


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Pizzoccheri with Thermomix

Who has a kitchen robot it is facilitated in preparing many dishes, including pizzoccheri, especially when it is necessary to manage many ingredients and be fast. Here is the recipe to follow.

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Pizzoccheri with spinach and black cabbage

Do you want to vary the seasoning of pizzoccheri? Keep the potatoes and replace the cabbage with the spinach and cabbage black when you have these ingredients available and you want to add them to your diet in a slightly different way than usual. Here the recipe.

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Summer pizzoccheri with green beans and sage

Are you looking for one summer recipe for seasoning pizzoccheri? Then you can choose green beans and sage to flavor this dish which, despite being typically winter in the Valtellina version, can be adapted to summer. Here the recipe.

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Mediterranean pizzoccheri

Here's another one very summer version of pizzoccheri that you can prepare with aubergines, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil. You can decide to add cheese or not. Here the recipe.

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Baked Pizzoccheri

One of the tricks to get even better pizzoccheri is that of pass them in the oven for a few minutes before bringing them to the table. The advice is to alternate layers of pasta, vegetables and cheeses in the pan before baking. Here the recipe.

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Pizzoccheri with zucchini

A really simple recipe for making pizzoccheri involves season them with the courgettes and with a cheese of your choice, for example with gorgonzola and grated parmesan. Here is the recipe to follow.

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You know other recipes and variations to prepare pizzoccheri?

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