Piloxing for weight loss: what it is and how it works

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Designed by the Swedish personal trainer Viveca Jensen, Piloxing is a cardio workout at intervals that it burns fat e invigorates the muscles.

"The winning combination lies in theassociation in a single program of the cardio part, typical of boxing, with the stretching exercises, posture and balance of the Pilates standing, to which is added all the fun of the danceHe explains Stefano Deveteris, Piloxing master trainer in Milan.

How a typical lesson takes place

The workout lasts about an hour and usually takes place barefoot or wearing non-slip socks.

After 5 minutes of warm-up, in which the heartbeat increases and the muscle groups are activated, we pass toactual workout, where the pace rises to 145 bpm (beats per minute).

“So they take turns blocks of 4 minutes each, with heart rates that change according to the discipline, creating a very effective interval training », continues the expert. «The part inspired by the boxing proposes the re-adaptation of traditional shots such as the jab, the hook and the direct, while the one obtained from the standing Pilates it includes stabilization exercises, lengthening of the spine and torsion of the torso. For example, i “crunch standing”, abdominals balanced on one leg, or the “serve the platter”, an exercise that simulates carrying a tray and stimulates the deeper muscles of the abdomen.

Finally, in the 4 minutes of dance you no longer think about the technique, but you just follow the music, with simple steps. It ends on the mat with intense exercises for legs-abdominals-buttocks and the final stretch.

And we say goodbye with the Piloxing motto: “Sleek, sexy and powerful”, or “Elegant, sensual and strong!”.

Why Piloxing is effective

THEInterval training it's like a car that accelerates, brakes, accelerates and brakes: it consumes more fuel. So keeping a high heartbeat at intervals for an hour is great fat burning.

“Furthermore, the choreographies they are designed to work all muscle groups and the use of special weighted gloves (about 250 g each) is very useful for toning the arms », Stefano Deveteris concludes.

The variants and the novelty

  • Piloxing barre is based onuse of the ballet bar as a fitness tool. The result is a “total tone” workout, lasting 45 minutes, in which you go from plie to boxing blows to pushups.
  • The Piloxing knockout is instead a more "extreme" version and also theonly in which shoes are used. Combine boxing, standing Pilates and functional training with exercises such as jumps, burpees, push-ups and squat jumps.
  • Finally, in the coming months, the world novelty The mix by Piloxing is coming. "It's a dance fitness easy to practice and therefore suitable for everyone, ranging from house to funk », explains Stefano Deveteris, just trained in Los Angeles in the new discipline. «You train with a sequence of choreographies, focusing more than anything on the element of dance».

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