Omega 3 and chronic bronchitis

Omega 3 and chronic bronchitis

The bronchi become inflamed, the production of mucus increases and we find ourselves in the throes of coughing and breathing difficulties: it is the chronic bronchitis, a form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (BPCO) often associated with cigarette smoking but which can also depend on atmospheric pollution and prolonged exposure to irritating dust and fumes.

Unfortunately, as its name suggests, chronic bronchitis it is a long-term condition. Sometimes it comes back after periods of quiet; at other times, however, it never goes away completely.

Medication is often required to clear the airways. In more serious cases, it is also necessary to resort to oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation.

An additional help could also come from anti-inflammatory active ingredients of natural origin: the omega 3.


The "good" fats of nuts and fish

Omega 3 are considered essential fatty acids because our body is unable to synthesize their precursor, alpha-linolenic acid (Wing).

Ala is abundant in some foods of plant origin, such as walnuts; unfortunately, however, human cells convert it into the two biologically active omega 3s (eicosapentaenoic acid - Epa - and docosahexaenoic acid - Stepped) with very low efficiency.

For this often it is recommended to take omega 3 of marine origin: this is precisely the EPA and Dha, abundant in fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring and swordfish.

Ensuring adequate doses allows you to fill up with anti-inflammatory molecules. In particular, dietary omega 3 intake has been associated with reduced levels of systemic inflammation.


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Omega 3, the benefits in case of chronic bronchitis

This reduction in systemic inflammation it was also found in the case of BPCO.

Studies involving the administration of supplements of these fatty acids have found a decrease in pro-inflammatory factors, suggesting that the intake of omega 3 could be useful in case of chronic bronchitis.

However, the most significant data seem to concern another aspect of BPCO: its effects on the functional abilities of those who suffer from it, for example on muscle strength.

To these possible benefits is added the fact that the side effects of the omega 3-based treatments tested against BPCO appear to be mild and controllable.


Chronic bronchitis: are omega 3s useful?

The information currently available does not yet allow omega 3 to be fully included among the remedies useful in case of chronic bronchitis, but they represent a good reason to satisfy the daily needs of these particular fats.

According to the current recommendations of the Nutrition society and village human every adult should take 250 mg every day in the form of Epa + Dha.

In the case of you wanted to use supplements to increase the intake it is good to ask your doctor or nutritionist for advice, who will be able to evaluate the benefits also in relation to the presence of diseases such as chronic bronchitis.


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