Motivating Songs: How to bring out the best in you

Today I'll let you listen to a selection of motivating songs.

They are not a song with which to "pump" your emotions or exalt you, as I often see recommended on the internet. A gritty but bad, aggressive song may also give you the charge, but it will be a negative and destructive charge.

Instead I want the music you listen to can help you bring out the best in you.

When I need it, at the end of one busy morning (between some friend's problems and a couple of good coaching sessions) I take a few minutes to do a very wise thing when I want to lighten my soul and mind: listen to music 😀

A song has enormous power, often misused.
I like that music guide, inspire, stimulate, while almost always it becomes just an outlet for an end in itself or a sort of “neutral observation” (in fact very often disillusioned) of life.


Motivating songs: the best you can listen to (or almost!)

Today I propose you an experiment: I have chosen 7 songs that I think give an edge when you listen to them, because of the music, mainly because of the message and the words.

Words that accompany you, then, maybe all day after you hear them.
I put them together in a playlist that I called "Good morning".

Here's what I propose: from today, every morning, listen to them when you wake up, playing them as the breakfast soundtrack, while you prepare the kids, while you do gymnastics, go to work or school.

And then hear them at least one more time during the day: on a break, while traveling, while having lunch, before going out at night or going to sleep.

Try to leave space for these words, these messages make room in your mind and soul.
And let's see what happens in the next few days. Here is the playlist:


To write this newsletter I listened to these songs once again. It's hard to say which one you prefer, all are a splendid stimulus.

Try them even if they're not the kind of songs you usually listen to. And listen to them for several days.
It is a experiment, you have to try something new, right? 😀
Also read the breakfast in which I explained what it means "I'll try".

Of course, you can share them with whomever you prefer.
And start the experiment right now, immediately.

Hear them now and write in the comments the one you prefer, for what reason.

Remember that it's not the music that gets you excited, but the meaning that tu dai in words and notes. Each song is just "an excuse" to get back to expressing your best.

That is inside of you, always.

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