Miracle fruit: properties, benefits, how to eat

Il Miracle fruit, fruit native to West Africa, contains miraculin used as sugar substitute for diabetics. Let's find out better.

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Miracle fruit: properties, benefits, how to eat



Description of the fruit

Miracle fruit, or miracleberry (Synsepalum dulcificum), has been known to Westerners since the mid-1700s, although the local peoples of West Africa have always consumed the berries knowing their effects.

By eating the pulp, a substance called miraculous it acts on the taste receptors by transforming the taste of any food eaten into sweet after its intake within an hour, however bitter or acid it may be.


Miracle fruit, ally of

Those who approach slimming diets, those who suffer from diabetes, those who face chemotherapy.


Nutritional composition and properties of the miracle fruit

The miracle is one glycoprotein, isolated in Japan in the XNUMXs and used as a sugar substitute for diabetics, for patients forced into therapies that involve taking bitter medicines, and finally to cancel one of the undesirable effects of chemotherapy such as a metallic taste that remains in the mouth after the treatments.

As happened also to other natural sweeteners such as stevia, curculin, gymnema or serendipity-berry thaumatin, has been opposed by various food control organizations of different nations due to their potential impact on the sweetener market.


Miracle fruit: properties, benefits, how to eat


Contraindications of miracle fruit

There is one possible contraindication known: in the event that under the effect of the miraculin you indiscriminately eat exaggerated quantities of foods that are not normally abused due to the flavor, for example the more acidic citrus fruits and rich aromatic oils, you will incur side effects due to the abuse of the eaten food.

This has happened in several cases with lemons, which after eating the miracle fruit totally lose their acid taste (but not acidity), inviting the experimenter to eat them as if they were simple apples.



Excessive heat or a food with a particularly alkaline pH neutralizes the effects of the miracle.
In ancient times, the natives ate the berries before eating some breads made with sour cereals, or before drinking acidic drinks such as certain palm wines or some millet and sorghum beers.


How do you eat miracle fruit

It is marketed online, in dehydrated bars or, more rarely, in frozen pulp. The fresh fruit is not marketed.


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