Berries, properties and recipes

Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and wild strawberries: how healthy and nutritious they are and how many good things can be done with fruits of the forest?

Let's find out together, between curiosities and two recipes.


Younger with berries: the properties

Berries are a class of food with a enormous therapeutic value, the most famous are strawberries, blackberries and mulberries, raspberries, blueberries, red currants and black currants and even gooseberry.

The berries are allies of the body's youth, as they contain good quantities of polyphenols, real shields for the body that help fight free radicals, defending it from cellular aging.

They then contain theelagic acid, one of the strongest phenolic compounds, which helps in antioxidant and antitumor action; other organic acids (citric, tartaric, malic, oxalic) give the sour taste and important nutritional qualities.

Finally they contain insoluble fiber, which helps the intestine in its work, fighting constipation, constipation and irregularities.

Mulberry also contains iron, while gooseberries are rich in vitamin C.

All members of this food group are characterized by a modest calorie content, while the protein one is almost absent.

Here to follow two special recipes.


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Risotto With Blueberries

A simple and delicate risotto, which will amaze your friends, here in a simple way, but it can also be paired well with mushrooms, in particular with porcini

Ingredients for people 4:
> 8/10 handfuls of arborio or carnaroli rice,
> a pack of blueberries (tray of 125 grams),
> a white mountain wine to pair with and to deglaze the rice (Muller Turgau or Lagrein),
> vegetable broth,
> a couple of spring onions,
> pepe,
> extra virgin olive oil,
> grated Parmesan cheese.

Preparation: chop the spring onion, fry it with a couple of teaspoons of oil in a large pot, add the rice and sauté for about three minutes. At this point, put a little less than half of the blueberries in the package, blending with a nice glass of your favorite mountain wine (both white and red are fine).

Gradually add the boiling vegetable broth, stirring occasionally. When almost cooked, or five minutes before, put the rest of the blueberries, keeping a dozen aside to decorate the dishes. Turn it off soft and slightly al dente, stirring with grated Parmesan cheese, pepper and a raw spoonful of olive oil. Mix well, serve and decorate with the remaining fresh blueberries.


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Tiramisu with raspberries and ricotta

A light and particular variant of the red tiramisu, which normally we find strawberries, sees raspberries as protagonists.

Ingredients for 5/6 cups:
> about 300 grams of ricotta,
> 250 grams of low-fat Greek yogurt,
> about twenty ladyfingers,
> an untreated lemon,
> 300 grams of raspberries about,
> 100 grams of powdered sugar,
> a spoonful of honey.

Preparation: pour the fresh ricotta into a bowl, with the finely grated lemon zest and the sifted icing sugar.

Mix well, also incorporating the yogurt, until the mixture is soft. Wash the raspberries well and blend them, adding a spoonful of honey and a sprinkle of lemon, leaving a dozen aside to decorate.

Pour the smoothie into a plate and gradually pour the ladyfingers into it, soaking them well. Divide them in the bottom of the cups, forming the first layer; continue with the ricotta cream, then a little puree, one of savoiardi soaked, again the ricotta and the puree; finish by decorating with two or three whole raspberries, covered with icing sugar. Leave to rest for a couple of hours in the fridge before serving.


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