McDonald's launches vegan McNuggets: here's where (and what's inside)

McDonald's launches vegan McNuggets: here's where (and what's inside)

Not just chicken. Mc Donald's “disguises” its McNuggets as vegan, experimenting with a version that does not use meat. A product perhaps more palatable for those who, for ethical reasons, do not eat animal products.

Even if we certainly cannot speak of an ethical and health change for the fast food chain, the need to satisfy everyone's tastes is pushing Mc Donald to create new dishes without meat.

The latest news comes from Norway, where the nuggets usually made of chicken, the McNuggets, will also be plant-based. No willingness to imitate their fellow men made of flesh. The vegan version will have its own identity, probably in the hope of conquering those who usually don't set foot at Mc Donalds.

What's inside vegan McNuggets

According to a rep from the chain, the new chicken-free McNuggets are made with a base of mashed potatoes, mixed with chickpeas, onions, carrots and corn. This mix is ​​coated in breadcrumbs, then fried. Vegan McNuggets' nutritional information has not yet been officially disclosed.

This is the latest in a series of veg dishes offered by Mc Donald's, although they will only be available in some fast food restaurants in Norway. Recently, the American giant announced on Instagram that it had added "McFalafel" to its menu in Sweden.

In the same period, however, the chain had had to deal with numerous controversies in the United Kingdom. Here he launched the vegan Happy Meal, a flour tortilla topped with vegetables. Also in this case the intent was to bring the palates who did not consume meat closer. Too bad, however, that various horrified users reported the presence of chicken inside.

"After seeing that mistakes were made, we introduced a series of additional measures in our kitchens and communicated to all stores to reduce inaccuracies quickly and effectively" was the response of the chain.

Whether they are really vegan or not, they will hardly conquer the palates of those who, by ethical and health choice, keep away from junk food, in all its forms.

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