McDonald's, India's first vegetarian fast food restaurant

McDonald's will open a fully vegetarian fast food in India. The birth of the new restaurant, where no meat dishes will be served, is scheduled for next year. It would respond to the growing demand of the local population, adapting to dietary needs, linked to the religion of the same.

Muslims e induisti they will in fact find in the completely revolutionized new menu of the most widespread fast-food chain in the world dishes without both pork meat (whose consumption is prohibited in the Islamic religion) that of steak (given the sacredness attributed to cows by the Hindu belief).

According to the words of one of the spokespersons for McDonald's in India, there is ample opportunity for development in the country for the new vegetarian fast-food restaurants, which should be frequented by the aforementioned customers. The Indian store should see its opening during the 2013 in northern India, in the city of Amritsar, where the Golden Temple sacro ai Sikh.

McDonald's understanding obviously consists inexpand your market in the Indian region, where at the moment there are only 271 fast-food outlets, compared to 33 thousand catering outlets spread all over the world. It is therefore not a question of an attempt at redemption by the well-known chain, but of one wisely studied move to increase your business.

We are confident that with the transition to the vegetarian menu will the dishes offered be really healthier? McDonald's is planning to expand its offer of salads and vegetable and side dishes decrease the amount of sugars present in their dishes, to meet the needs of a more health-conscious diet.

In Indian McDonald's the offer of the menu would be at the moment already 50% vegetarian, with McAloo as the most requested dish by customers who do not consume meat. The first store should follow a second opening in the north west of India, in an area particularly affected by the influx of pilgrims. McDonald's therefore continues to be at the forefront of the phenomenon of globalization. We just wonder if Indian vegetarians really missed fast food strategically dedicated to them.

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