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After a busy working day, on the way home, we parents often think about what we could prepare for dinner, something fast, which also allows us to pay attention to our children, before they go to sleep. The temptation is always strong: “tonight a nice white pasta because there are no more vegetables in the fridge! Or white rice and cheese, dinner is settled. " There remains the regret of not being able to offer something more "Green" and so let's continue the exploration in the kitchen. When we open the pantry, we find a remnant of New Year's lentils at the bottom of the shelf, and a new possibility opens up. Rice and Lentils.

Lentils are a food that we appreciate a lot on New Year's Eve, because tradition has it that they bring us money. If they make us rich, then let's eat them all the time: they will benefit your wallet and health at the same time! In fact, lentils are one of the legumes with the lowest fat content and high amount of protein, iron and calcium, at a very affordable price.

1 kg of Lentils costs on average 4 € per kg, for a protein yield of about 7g per 100g of boiled food. If we choose the mignon variety are also quick to cook, without needing to soak them first - You can cook them yourself or combine with a cereal, to complete its amino acid profile. Like all legumes, they are rich in lecithins, important for lowering cholesterol, with a high glycemic content and rich in fiber, therefore considered a satiating food. Long live the lentils!

Cinnamon scented rice and lentils, dish suitable for a light evening meal, easy to digest, but substantial and tasty, with an excellent nutritional balance, low in fat and high in fiber, vegetarian and vegan. Everyone likes it, young and old.

Average cost: € 2,5 for 4 people

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • Rice 240 g
  • Small dry green or brown lentils 200 g
  • Spices: a sprig of rosemary, half a bay leaf, a sage leaf, put the ones you have at home, they are used for your city and to give flavor without adding nuts and excess salt. A sprinkle of cinnamon enhances the sweet taste of the lentils.
  • Onion a round or more according to taste.
  • Extra virgin olive oil from olives your country

Preparation: fry the onion in a little oil and add the rice and lentils, cover with water and cook over medium heat. While cooking, stir occasionally, add the spices, a teaspoon of coarse salt and a few glasses of water if needed.

20 minutes et voila, dinner is ready…. At the table a drizzle of oil and a freshly ground pepper to taste complete the dish.

Variations: instead of rice, spelled and as a spice, turmeric. And then all those that come to your mind and that you like. The more lentils you eat, the richer you will become!

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