Love and do what you want: how to be totally free

One of the most famous phrases about love was written by St. Augustine and says: "Love and do what you want".

I always say that to be happy we must love.
And that love, if it is authentic, is for everyone.

If you only love some people and not others, yours is not really love (if in doubt, read this page).

Some say to me: "You can't love everyone, you can't get totally naked with everyone and be totally yourself with everyone, you can only do it with people. very intimate and special".

Even a student of my school asked me this question.

If I am authentic, I always am.

If I were in a certain way with some and changed with others, would you consider me authentic?

I say no.
So I tell you that I am authentic with everyone, totally myself with everyone. Which often seems impossible.

One day I was in the post office and looking at an elderly man who was waiting, I felt love for him. I wanted to go there and hug him.

This was genuine.
But what if I did?
Yes, it would not have been understood.

Does this mean I can't be authentic?
No, it means that i can do what i want if i love.


Love and do what you want: do you love?

Love and do what you want: how to be totally free

Loving that man didn't mean going to show him something he wouldn't understand (I was a stranger to him), but to wish her happiness, even if in silence.

In a book I read about a boy who asked a man what was the best economic system: communism, socialism or capitalism?

The man replied that men with hearts of gold (they love, I add) they would make any system work fine.

Love and do what you want.
What does it mean?

If you tell someone who hasn't understood what it means to love, they'll think they can do what they want, but they won't act with love.

He will act with selfishness, because if love is lacking, this will prevail.

The student did not understand how I could say of be authentic with all, of being able to show myself without filters with everyone, and at the same time don't do whatever comes into my head, with everyone.

The point, the difference, is all in that word: “love”.

The essential is invisible to the eye. AND in loving there is everything essential.

It means: if you love, you can do whatever you want.
My friend, all you want is to love.

E loving is never selfish, to love is never violence, it is never fear.

When I choose not to hug a person who doesn't know me, I'm not repressing myself, I am giving my love the form that feels right in that circumstance.

People would like rules and directives: do this, don't do this, in that situation do it the other way.

Love is not a rigid rule to be applied mechanically.

If you love, you can really do what you want, and what you want will be not only love, but in full freedom and harmony and there will be no discomfort or conflict within you.


To love you must get rid of all fear.

When you start doing it you realize that the same situation that previously seemed a constraint, now you live it in total freedom.

From the outside, no one will notice the difference, because it is only inside your mind and heart, and is invisible to the eye.

But it is essential.

I can help you understand what it means to love, understand how to eliminate fear.

But that essential that is in the heart and in the mind you can only find it yourself.

If you want to understand more, take my test to measure your ability to love, it's perfect at this point.

It will allow you to understand if in this moment of your life you have the ability to truly love (especially who you say you love).

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What you can do when you truly love will seem impossible to everyone else.

And what frightens everyone will no longer scare you.

But I repeat: the change will be internal, invisible to the eye of the beholder and the same situations will become completely different for you.

What do you think a butcher sees in a rabbit?

But what if that butcher became a vegetarian and changed jobs?

He would no longer see that rabbit as he did before. The rabbit, however, remains the same.

And especially, no butcher would think this change is possible, if not after really changing.

So when Augustine says "love and do what you want"He's right, but until you truly love, everything and everyone without any fear, you can't even imagine what the difference is.

It is useless to ask me to explain to you what happens inside me: love and you will see.

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