Love your work by changing the way you work

"If you find something to live on from a job you love, you will have discovered the secret to living a happy life."

I read this sentence in a book, a quote from a mother, and it contains a big truth: we will never be happy if we do not make a work we love and we love it.

It is not certain that we will be otherwise, but it is much more likely!

The point is that happiness is directly related to loving.
And if you do something for work that you don't love, considering that it will take up a lot of your time, then you will get away from the one thing that can make you happy.

Unfortunately, I often meet people who don't seem like it love your job.

They don't smile with a client, maybe they are hasty or distracted, they can't wait for the day to end to stop "tiring", they reluctantly get up thinking about work, they are impatient to go on vacation to not work for a few weeks.

The ideal would be transform your passion, an interest, something you love to do, into a job.

If you translate something you like to do without being paid, or paid, into a job for which we are paid, you will surely do it willingly and will put the passion and determination to do it really well.

I explained how to do this in my guide on how to find work.

But this is not always possible. Or maybe it takes some time.
How to do love your job right away?


How to love your work: see it better!

Love your work by changing the way you work

To love your job you have to "simply" I will love.

First of all understanding, that is understand the value of the work you do, to whom it is useful, how the life of those around you improves, of those you know and of those who are unknown.

Understanding the positive characteristics, beyond the ones you don't like.

Acceptance. Or appreciate your work for what it is, knowing how to accept even the aspects that you consider negative.

A good way can be to think about it and ask yourself: who might like things we don't like and why?

And begin to perform certain unpleasant tasks with too a different attitude.

Respect for what your role, your duties and your duties are. Instead of considering some of them humiliating (no work is humiliating) or despicable, you may understand how these are too important and useful.

You should also put it there creativeness, devising new ways to make it more useful and fun.

And then work calmly, choosing to carry out each task with care, without neglecting anything or working in a distracted or superficial way: the more attention and commitment you put into things, the more they will thrill and interest you.


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The beauty of the job depends above all on you

The most important thing about loving your job is that love is a choice, and you can always do it, every day.

It's not like your job is boring or bad: it seems so to you!

The mental attitude it is crucial.

If you stop complaining, observe all the boring or unpleasant things and focus on what positive and valuable you are doing, you can begin to love your job. starting immediately.

Before you think about changing your job, you need to try (and succeed) in changing your attitude towards him.
In reality it is never what you do that counts, but always and only the way you do it.

If you understand this, you will find out how to be in control of all your positive emotions.

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