Lose weight: the remodeling effects of salts and bandages

    Lose weight: the remodeling effects of salts and bandages

    After just one session, you will find that you have lost inches in circumference and you will have more toned buttocks and breasts. Of course, too many rolls do not melt by magic. But you see one right away silhouette more sculpted, because this treatment helps eliminate fluid retention, firms and has a proven reducing effect.

    In the following days, then, yours metabolism it reactivates and allows you to eliminate and burn more calories, helping you to get back in shape quickly. You will see and "feel" leaner. Thanks to the specials bandages of the Riducella method, the country's version of the German one Hanni Glatt, which for 50 years has been using naturopathy to activate the metabolism and expel toxins, effectively reshaping the shape of your body.

    How the method works

    «The heart of the system is the release of ionized salts of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium chloride and zinc sulphate, ”he explains Germana Guarino, which holds the country's exclusive rights to the method with the Riducella brand.

    «The salts are activated by a special ionizer machinery where there are also demineralized water and special anaelastic and phlebological bandages (which means that they are rigid but do not stop circulation), which must soak up the solution. The chemical-physical reaction takes place a 40 ° C and in a maceration time of about an hour and a half », underlines Germana Guarino.

    How the session takes place

    During the treatment you come bandaged with 28 of these bandages, so as to cover the whole body, except the head, hands and feet. They must be kept posing for 70 minutes during which you relax on the bed listening to music: it is the time necessary for the tissue to release the salts to the body by osmosis and absorb the toxins eliminated through the pores.

    Everything is also enhanced by the pressure of the compress on the skin, which favors the drainage of liquids. The beautician, in fact, wraps the bandages according to a specific protocol for each area of ​​the body, to increase the toning and firming effect.

    After the treatment, the loss of is immediately visible centimeters of circumference: the measurement of the body is performed in 24 points distributed on the whole figure, marked before and after, to appreciate the results. Since the detoxification process continues for about 15 days, the subsequent treatments are done after 2 weeks.

    Times and costs

    Each session takes you overall for an average of 2 hours and the number of treatments recommended is related to age: 1 for every 10 years of life. At 30 we recommend 3 a year, at 40, 4 and so on. But the number of treatments indicated is also proportional to the general physical conditions and the objective to be achieved. Each session costs around € 150.

    Try the do-it-yourself reducing compress

    At home you can prepare a slightly slimming pack by combining the draining properties of the sale to the lipolytic ones of cocoa and coffee.

    In a bowl put 2 teaspoons of salt, 4 teaspoons of cocoa, 2 teaspoons of ground coffee and add some hot water. When you have a creamy dough, pour in 2 drops of cypress essential oil, 2 juniper and 2 lemon and mix.

    Spread everything on the thighs, buttocks and hips, cover the parts with cling film. Leaves posing for half an hour, covering yourself with a towel. Remove the compress under a warm stream and finish with cold water. Repeat the treatment 2/3 times a week for 3 months. 

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