Losing weight: the tests to do before going on a diet

    Losing weight: the tests to do before going on a diet

    The right choice to reach the ideal weight without put your health at risk? Before starting the diet it is essential to do some tests and check some blood values. It is an indispensable step for know your weaknesses, exclude diseases and follow an appropriate slimming menu.

    Here then are the exams to do and values ​​to check with a simple withdrawal.

    General check: the fundamental exams

    «The first thing the doctor has to prescribe is complete blood count with formula and sideremia, to test the general state of health and any iron deficiency, incompatible with the diet (first you have to rebalance the values) », explains the professor Nicola Sorrentino, dietician in Milan.

    «Then it is necessary measure blood glucose, insulin and glycated hemoglobin which indicate the metabolism of sugars », continues the expert. “If they are tall, they signal one peripheral insulin resistance or diabetes. It will therefore be necessary to have a particularly low diet in simple sugars. Conversely, excess cholesterol imposes a reduction of red meat, cheese and eggs, while “off limits” triglycerides are always linked to the excessive intake of sugars ».

    It is also very important measure thyroid hormones (Tsh, Ft3 and Ft4) to understand if weight gain is related to thyroid dysfunction. If the doctor suspects hypothyroidism, before giving the weight loss scheme, will prescribe investigations such as thyroid ultrasound and the measurement of specific antibodies.

    In the case of overt hypothyroidism, in fact, it is necessary restart the metabolic engine with a supplementary treatment of deficient hormones. Otherwise it is useless to take a stint if there is a carburation defect upstream.

    The dosage of two hormones 

    «In the“ preliminary study ”of each patient, the dosage of two hormones: Acht and cortisol », explains Nicola Sorrentino.

    “The levels of the first they control the endocrine system, while cortisol presides over the correct metabolism of fats, sugars and proteins. If it is constantly high it can signal problems related to stress e hinder weight loss. The "busted" Acth requires investigations because it is the indicator of endocrine alterations, such as diseases of the adrenal glands or Cushing's disease. Finally, before embarking on good weight loss resolutions, it is advisable check that the kidneys are working well, testing creatinine and blood urea. If the former is at the limits of the norm, one is needed low sodium and low protein diet, if it is high, it indicates kidney failure. A high blood urea, on the other hand, could reveal one poor hydration».

    Urine tests are also useful

    “Urinalysis can provide other important information»Warns Professor Sorrentino. «The high concentration of ketone bodies, which is often found, is the indicator of an excessive consumption of meat, cured meats and other animal proteins. The diet will therefore have to focus on consumption greater than whole-grain carbohydrates and vegetables».

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