Lose Weight: Leaner with laser lipolysis which reduces the belly and thighs

    Lose Weight: Leaner with laser lipolysis which reduces the belly and thighs

    Goodbye liposuction. The latest techniques of laserlipolysis, more and more refined, have definitively retired the old cannulas, which disintegrated the adipose tissue in a mechanical way, with an energetic movement performed by the surgeon's arm. Much less traumatic is lipolysis (i.e. the melting of fat) made by a hair-thin laser probe, measuring 1,2 millimeters in diameter.

    How laserlipolysis works 

    "The latest generation device, called SlimLipo, allows you to make a" hole "in the skin that does not require any stitches but only mini patches to bring the flaps closer", explains Dr. Giovanni Palitta, head of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit of the Monza Polyclinic.

    “From there the probe-laser which emits an impulse at different wavelengths, aimed at liquefying the fat thanks to a deep thermal effect aimed solely at the adipose panniculus. The delicate surrounding structures, in fact, are not affected ».

    The treatment also has a firming effect

    Simultaneously with the direct action against the adipocytes, a second beam of light is emitted which coagulates the capillaries in order to eliminate or minimize blood losses, which are important in traditional liposuction. «Together, the two beams of laser light stimulate skin retraction by creating skin-tightening: the“ retensioning ”of the skin that is lifted from the inside,” explains Palitta.

    The intervention, which allows you to thin inner and outer thighs, abdomen, buttocks or hips, is performed under assisted local anesthesia (an anesthetist is present in the room) and does not require hospitalization. After two hours you go home on your own legs. The only precaution is to wear a compression sheath for 20 days, to reshape the new volumes. Costs start at € 2.000 per area.

    The strengths of the technique

    Compared to the classic liposuction with cannulae, the laserlipolysis offers several advantages:

    - Dissolution of fat carried out solely by light energy

    - Immediate coagulation of broken vessels and capillaries

    - Correction of skin laxity, almost always associated with adiposity

    - No residual scar

    - Light anesthesia and rapid discharge

    - No post-surgery pain, swelling and bruising

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