Ginger: the juice for a flat stomach

    Traditional ingredient of oriental cuisine, for some time now ginger has also been very popular with us: you can taste it in the salads, use it to give an exotic touch to fruit and vegetable extracts or even use it to prepare one drink (see below) to sip throughout the day. Because in this way, in addition to the unmistakable and pleasant spicy aroma, you will ensure its excellent for 24 hours property slimming and "deflated belly".

    It makes you dispose of the "deposits" of fat

    This root is an excellent remedy for give your metabolism a boost. "An authoritative study by the American Columbia University has highlighted the thermogenic action of ginger root: in practice, causes the body to burn storage fats, especially those concentrated in the abdominal area.

    Its active ingredient, gingerol, in fact stimulates the body to produce heat and, therefore, to use energy, affecting reserves ”, explains Dr. , nutrition biologist in Genoa. Furthermore, promotes the sense of satiety and makes you eat less.

    Avoid sudden hunger pangs

    Ginger is also capable of regulate glucose levels in the blood, allowing you to keep the glycemia. 'Research from the University of Sydney has made it clear that this spice increases the ability of cells to absorb glucose. So, helps you ward off insulin spikes that follow the meals, responsible for the accumulation of fat and hunger attacks », continues Dr. Ghignotti.

    Keeps the abdomen deflated

    Another excellent property of this root is to activate digestive enzymes and improve intestinal transit. "Helps digest better especially carbohydrates and to ensure that they do not remain in the intestine for too long, producing gas and causing bloating. Like this the "flat stomach" effect it is insured ”, concludes the expert.

    So prepare the "light" drink

    Ginger: the juice for a flat stomach"You put 3 slices of root fresh or dried and the zest of half a lemon organic in 200 ml of water, boil for 2 minutes, then leave to infuse for another 10 », explains the nutritionist.

    «Drink the hot drink when you wake up to give your metabolism a nice boost. Or, when it is lukewarm, pour it into a bottle to keep in your bag: you can sip it during the day for a continuous action ».

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