Lose weight: is it right to weigh yourself every day?

    Lose weight: is it right to weigh yourself every day?

    For years it has been said that it is wrong to weigh yourself every day because an increase, due to normal physiological fluctuations, could demoralize and push to abandon the diet. Counterorder. According to a study conducted by the American Cornell University, published in the Journal of Obesity, to lose weight without regaining it you have to weigh yourself every day.

    «Getting on the scale regularly allows you to focus attention on the goal you want to achieve, ”he says Claudia Romani, psychotherapist expert in eating disorders and adds: "Those who check their weight daily, he feels more empowered compared to the path taken and more motivated because every day he has to work hard not to raise the needle of the scale ».

    Not only that: it will have one greater awareness of the relationship between pounds and eating style as he learns to associate his own behaviors at the table with the influence they have on the weight swing.


    By doing this, you may realize, for example, how muchingestion of junk foods adversely affects you. To be healthy, however, it is important that you get into the daily habit of controlling your weight don't become an obsession.

    «Change your way of perceiving the scale and start seeing it not as an obstacle to be overcome but as an honest ally, sincere and objective: it will not deceive you nor will it comfort you but, of course, it will help you to find that willpower necessary to reach the goal ”, concludes Dr. Romani.


    1. Relax

    When it comes time to weigh yourself, take a moment to prepare yourself to welcome all that will come, both a positive and a negative result. Take deep breaths, close your eyes and begin to feel the soles of your feet in contact with the floor; you feel the sensations that come from your body and breathe slowly. This exercise is intended to relax you so that you can accept your weight calmly and without anger. As much or as little as it is.

    2. Think back to the results

    At dinner out or at a friend's house, to avoid being tempted by the dishes that pass in front of you, try to do this: go to the bathroom, close your eyes for a moment and displays the image of the scale with the weight he indicated that morning. If you had lost weight, mentally relive them feelings of joy you felt at that moment. If, on the other hand, the weight had increased, this display it will give you the strength not to fall into temptation. Don't you want to make the work done so far in vain?

    3. Look in the mirror

    Don't just rely on the scale to track your weight but also learn to observe your body. Stand in front of a mirror and look at the reflected image; scrutinized slowly especially on the most critical parts (hips, abdomen, thighs). Admire the areas of the body where you have achieved the greatest weight loss results; then, move on to the parts you like least and think about how you want to be. The motivation not to give up will immediately increase.

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