Diet: 4 tricks to overcome the boredom of slimming menus

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You start a diet but stop it right away because you can't always eat the same things? In other words, are you sick of steamed fish and carrots? Against boredom, try a I will live the remise en forme come un'avventura.

«Emotional experiences push the organism to produce more dopamineHe explains Claudia Romani, an expert psychologist in eating disorders. “This neurotransmitter can be valuable in the counteract the bad moments of the diet, when you have to give up some delicacies in favor of the same, discounted diet dish ».

Incidentally, then, a weight loss regime is always an adventure since it has the connotations of a daring experience with an uncertain outcome: "When you are at full capacity you do an act of courage, you put yourself in the game and you don't know how it will end: will you be able to lose the extra pounds? Will you give up? Every day is a new achievement»Continues Dr. Romani.


So, turn your weight loss plan into a adventurous journey: «The first step is to forget everything you have done so far; put aside the certainties about the rhythms of your hunger and about the foods you like or dislike. Choose a new scheme, change the hours and ask yourself each time what you will have the pleasure of eating. Mentally pack your suitcase, put in all the things foreseen and take them out day by day », concludes the expert.


1. Surprise yourself every day

Change your eating habits starting with meals: if you have a sweet breakfast, switch to savory; start lunch with coffee instead of at the end; at dinner change the place where you usually eat, use, for example, the sofa instead of the table. In addition to your mind, surprise your body. When you can, eat with your eyes closed or without cutlery; if you indulge in dried fruit as a snack, put it in a bag and take it casually as if it were an extraction.

2. Discover new stories

Do you generally go shopping in mega supermarkets full of tempting foods? Try changing your habit and discover the shops in your neighborhood. Focus on only one category of exercises at a time (for example, one day at the butcher, the other at the greengrocer); look for the products you need in more points of sale in order to vary the purchases and exchange a few words with the owner. Thus, shopping will become an adventure, discovering new people and situations.

3. Turn sport into a treasure hunt

When you go to the gym, before getting on the machine, put your favorite music in the headphones, close your eyes and start your adventure. Imagine running inside a forest to find and reach your hidden treasure. You only have 30 minutes before the forest is submerged by a flood. Run, cross the waterfall, escape from the gorilla that hinders your path, jump on the stones so as not to sink into the ravine and discover the treasure at the end of the training.

4. Travel with the mind

All diets now include exotic foods and flavors, for example the use of spices to flavor foods instead of salt. Well, these ingredients that come from afar can bring an adventurous note to your life. So, google or imagine where they come from yourself and immerse yourself in those places. Fantasizing about the countries where they have been grown diverts attention from food and puts a note of color (and good humor) in the usual diet.

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