How to clean ginger

How to clean ginger

Clean the ginger in three steps

Lo ginger it is a healthy and beneficial root for the body. Buying it fresh is the best thing you can do, even if you often get discouraged when it comes to cleaning it.

Nodoso e bitorzoluto, because of the ginger and a lack of manual skills in the kitchen you can also cut yourself.

Here some practical advice to avoid accidents and to get used to cleaning this root without difficulty.

To clean fresh ginger well, it is important to follow the following steps:

> To wash. Separate the various parts of the rhizome, so as to simplify cleaning. Wash the ginger well with a vegetable brush, so as to eliminate any impurities and any residual soil, adding in case even a teaspoon of bicarbonate dissolved in the water

> Sbucciare col Pelapatate. With a potato peeler, peel it gently, taking care to remove only the superficial and thinnest part of the peel, so as not to waste the precious pulp. Try to keep your hand light.

> Refine with a small knife. Using a sharp knife to peel the most "gnarled" parts or to remove any residues would be ideal, perhaps the hooked one that chefs use.


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Peel the ginger with a spoon

As per Chef Gab's video, ginger can also be peeled very effectively with a teaspoon, just have a bit of manual skills and practice, gently passing it on the peel with the concave part facing downwards.

In both cases, whether you choose the knife or the spoon, the ginger peels that remain are not thrown away: you can keep them to prepare natural detergents or detergents, but also tea or herbal teas. 

Once peeled, ginger can cut into more or less large cubes, into thin slices, strips or grate, depending on the intended use. There are many dishes that call ginger: from exotic and oriental dishes, especially Indian ones, to the famous and succulent cakes of northern Europe. 


Store the ginger 

Fresh ginger does keep well in the refrigerator drawer, keeping the unused root with the peel inside a paper bag or wrapped in a little baking paper for about three weeks.

You can also choose to freeze clean, chopped ginger putting it in the freezer, or leaving it like this for a maximum of ten days in the refrigerator.


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