No more confusion between food and nutrition

No more confusion between food and nutrition

There is a fine line between the terms food and nutrition. However, it is often not known. Let's immediately see the specific meaning of the terms.



Power is simply the supply of food the organism, which through the metabolism will extract energy and essential substances for regenerate and stay in health. Eating food means introducing food into the body.



Nutrition is the science that studies the correct intake of food principles through food and nutrition. Each food consists of a certain number of simple substances, belonging to one of the three main groups (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins), which differently contribute to construction of our organism and the maintenance of its health.

Eating food means giving our body all the substances it needs to stay healthy.


Food and nutrition

Nutrition rhymes with nutrition only when i foods assumed are balanced, rich in substances that can regenerate the body and keep it in health.

To be clear, precooked foods, prepackaged, super refined on the model of those of the fast food, are part of our diet but have no nutritional effects of any kind. They only provide "empty calories": Energy and substances that can even poison and make our body sick. We are more and more super-powered ma under-fed, in constant lack of vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Our example must be small children and wild animals. In them food is nutrition: they eat only the foods that they "like", that is instinctively they recognize as nutritious and healthy, they do not eat more than necessary, if they are sick they do not eat.


Some tips for a "nutritious" diet

We suggest some foods useful for the physiological well-being of the human body:

- Food biological

- Protein of excellent quality (soy, lupins, blue fish, white meat, fresh goat cheeses)

- "Good" fats: cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, linseed

- Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables

- Unrefined whole grains: the fibers slow down the absorption of sugars, and keep the intestine clean

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