Hijiki: properties, use and contraindications

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La HIjiki is a calcium-rich algae consumed in small quantities by the Japanese. Excellent for purifying the blood, has a very strong flavor and is useful for strengthening the body. Let's find out better. 

> 1. Description of the seaweed

> 2. Properties and use of the seaweed Hijiki

> 3. Benefits of Hijiki

> 4. Contraindications of the Hijiki seaweed


Description of the seaweed

L'alga Hijiki, also known as Sargassum fusiforme, is a brown alga that grows in the Far East, especially in Japan, and belongs to the Feofite family.

It is an alga from strong flavor and great nutritional qualities, having cylindrical leaves, black and hard, which grow at greater depths than other algae and have the greatest content of minerals and trace elements.

Ownership and use of the Hijiki

Hijiki is a very rich algae football, in fact, it contains much more than cow's milk. The minerals and trace elements present make it a particularly popular and nutritious algae in the East. In fact, it also possesses considerable quantities of potassium and iron.

Similar to tea leaves, their volume increases when left to soak. They are particularly tasty sauteed or even dipped in batter and fried. Sold in specialized and oriental stores, they are dried and packaged.

Once soaked, they expand a lot, increasing their volume up to five times; they are excellent sautéed with a little oil and onions or other vegetables.

Benefits of Hijiki

It is a regeneration algae par excellence: it heals, strengthens, facilitates the lowering of the cholesterol level, prevents tooth decay, limits white hair.

This algae tones the body and purifies the blood, keeping the sugar level constant. It also strengthens the respiratory, digestive, reproductive and excretory functions, as well as helping to raise the immune defenses.

Hijiki have always been consumed in small quantities by the Japanese, where they are known to enhance beauty and make strong, shiny and elastic hair.

Contraindications of the Hijiki seaweed

Avoid overdoing the amount of Hijiki seaweed in case of metabolic alterations. It has been seen that they contain inorganic arsenic, for this reason in some countries they are no longer sold and for this reason the Japanese consume a few at a time.

The algae are however to be limited (1 gr, 2-3 cm) as potentially allergenic.


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