Garcinia and thyroid

Garcinia Cambogia is increasingly appreciated for its alleged slimming properties and you know, if something makes everyone lose weight we are attracted to it.

There are no scientific studies that validate these capabilities, but the experience of many consumers is quite positive.

Property of Garcinia

We can find Garcinia in the form of dietary supplement, obtained from the peels of the fruit.

It has body weight rebalancing properties, but it is also a beneficial contribution for the control of blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides.

Garcinia is rich in peptine who behave from prebiotics and regulate intestinal absorption, of football  for skeletal and muscular well-being and hydroxycitric acid which exerts an action on lipid metabolism.

Garcinia is also useful in case of nervous hunger and in general the sense of satiety increases.

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The thyroid and Garcinia

The thyroid is a very important gland for the well-being of the organism. He presides over skeletal and cerebral development, that of genital organs, the condition ofepidermis and hair bulbs, affects the body's metabolism.

The thyroid is one endocrine gland which produces and secretes hormones which are then released into the blood, the T3 triiodotironina and T4 la tiroxina, needed to control body fats.

It is precisely the hydroxycitric acid contained in Garcinia that intervenes positively to support thyroid hormones and to help weight control functionality.

Garcinia is to be considered one of those remedies from thermogenic properties, because it stimulates the thyroid hormones to support the metabolism in the activity of fat burning.

Hydroxycitric acid controls the lipolysis processes, during which the cleavage of triglycerides takes place, the inhibition of the synthesis of fatty acids and their conversion into energy.

It therefore seems that Garcinia can represent a valid support for the thyroid gland and the performance of its functions, because acts as a regulator, a sort of metabolic self-control, useful in case of hypothyroidism.


Garcinia and contraindications

For the same characteristics that are counted among the benefits of Garcinia, in case of thyroiditis before taking this remedy it is necessary to ask your endocrinologist for advice to evaluate any interactions with any medications or thyroid hormones you are taking.

It's recommended the use of Garcinia in case of liver disease, diabetes, and degenerative diseases.

In case of pregnancy e nursingGarcinia must not be taken, as well as no metabolism activating remedies.

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