3 natural mineral salt supplements to make at home

3 natural mineral salt supplements to make at home

Sodium, potassium and magnesium they are naturally present in the body and contribute to general homeostasis.

These minerals are - like all substances necessary for the physiological processes of the human being - introduced through food and used for specific functions, metabolized and disposed of.


In some situations, however, whether it is due to a loss of these salts through excessive sweating or frequent urination, or due to pathologies that do not allow their absorption, they can occur below the minimum requirement. 


In this case it is necessary integrate its contribution with certain substances that have high concentrations of potassium, magnesium and sodium.


There are many on the market saline supplements which are used mainly by sportsmen and in the summer.


However, you can create your own at home mineral salt supplements, using simple natural ingredients.


Natural supplement of mineral salts based on unfiltered apple cider vinegar and honey

The simplest mineral salt supplement is made up ofapple vinegar unfiltered and unpasteurized e il honey.


L'apple vinegar is a natural source of potassium, while the honey it is rich in slowly absorbed fruit sugars (fructose) and also has traces of sodium.


These two foods, also used in folk medicine as tonic, are powerful natural salt supplements and allow you to re-enter the body in a healthy and natural way the liquids lost due to sweating, whether due to sports exercise or the body's natural reaction to high summer temperatures, and to provide potassium , magnesium and sodium easily assimilated by the body.


Preparation of the supplement: to create this natural supplement of mineral salts it is enough mix a tablespoon of honey in half a glass of apple cider vinegar, to choose from what you prefer, stirring until the honey melts, and drink. It can also be prepared in larger quantities and stored in the refrigerator or in any case in a cool place away from light. 


Furthermore, taken immediately after physical exercise, the sugars in honey are used to restore glycogen stores muscles and in liver.


Natural supplement of mineral salts based on bancha kukicha and tamari tea

Bancha kukicha tea is a particular type of green tea obtained by boiling tea sprigs. The main feature of bancha tea is the absence of theine. The bancha is a curative food of the macrobiotic diet, it is rich in vitamin A, iron and calcium. 


The tamari instead, it is a variety of soy sauce containing more sodium chloride than shoyu; includes of course sodium, potassium, iron and calcium. 


The combination of these two foods is optimal in case of fatigue, after efforts, or to restore the energy level. 


Preparation of the supplement: a teaspoon of tea is boiled in a cup of water for about ten minutes; filter from the twigs and melt two tablespoons of tamari and drink hot. It has a slightly salty and woody flavor. It is also an excellent digestive herbal tea.


Natural supplement of mineral salts based on water, unrefined salt, lemon juice, and agave syrup

This natural supplement can be made at home without having special ingredients.


L'water return and exit the 'hydration, salt brings sodium chloride, and lemon and agave syrup instead replenishes potassium, calcium, magnesium and sugar. 


Preparation of the supplement: to create this mineral salt supplement it is enough dissolve the juice of two lemons, half a teaspoon of fine whole salt and a tablespoon of agave syrup in half a liter of water. In the absence of agave syrup you can also use honey or - alternatively - 30 g of whole cane sugar from organic farming.


It's a 'excellent solution to take to the gym instead of the classic supplement and it is almost identical, indeed perhaps better because it does not have dyes, preservatives or chemical additives. 


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