Eliminate "meat addiction" with hypnosis? This startup created the world's first program


For health, environmental or ethical reasons you would like to stop eating meat, but can't? According to this Swiss startup, the answer may be hypnosis, but is it really necessary?

Studies and surveys on excessive meat consumption, the environmental impact of industry, cruelty in factory farming and health risks are now accessible to all. Despite all this information, why is it still difficult or even impossible for many to give up meat or reduce the amount of it in their diet? (READ also: Pigs covered with excrement and asbestos sheds: it's time to close this farm forever)

Starting from this question, the Swedish startup The Raging Pig Company reports that some people have a real addiction to meat. For this reason, the founders of the company have set themselves the goal of helping these people to eliminate or decrease their meat consumption through a hypnosis program called "Get Off Meat Hypnosis - GOMH", or "remove the meat with the hypnosis".

“From childhood we have been taught, or honestly manipulated, that - regardless of the circumstances - we need to eat meat. This lie is easy enough to overturn with reason, but more difficult to overcome emotionally. If you are not in control of your choices, you are probably suffering from addiction, ”their site reads.

Get Off Meat Hypnosis, how it works

Designed like any hypnotherapy session, the GOMH program was developed together with Swedish hypnotherapist Anna-Maj Velander, who through three sessions: connecting, discovering and reconciliation, guides listeners on a path to help them. to stop or decrease their meat consumption.

All three parts of the program are available for free, for now in English only, on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The company recommends listening to them in a quiet and relaxed place where you will not be disturbed, hearing only one session a day to "allow the experience to integrate properly".

It works? Hypnosis is not as mysterious or magical a practice as some may think, in fact it is used to help people deal with trauma, deal with depression, analgesic purpose, or break destructive behaviors and patterns such as alcohol and smoking. The novelty of this program is to take a critical view of our meat consumption and treat it as an addiction. (READ also: Breast cancer, goodbye anesthesia: in France we operate under hypnosis)

The startup, which sells vegan products and aims to combine the entrepreneurial side with activism, has reported that it has had positive results from the test group, composed not only of people who are a little willing to change their diet, but also of devoted lovers. some meat. Once the process was over, they all reported that they had stopped or significantly reduced their meat consumption. However, they emphasized that the first real change must start with oneself.

Do you tell yourself that you can stop eating meat whenever you want but continue to eat it? Do you find yourself slightly uncomfortable in social situations where meat is "lacking"? Are you trying to get "extra" meat at a party because you can't get enough of it? These are just some of the thirteen questions that Raging Pig says we can ask ourselves to identify our addiction or not. If the answer is yes to at least four of these questions then "don't be ashamed to face the fact that you have a problem," says the startup.

The disasters, which have also emerged in recent days, have shown us how urgent it is to tackle the climate crisis, and this also implies the need to build a sustainable food system. But is hypnosis really necessary to achieve true food awareness?

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